2023 Goals + a Free Printable

It’s the end of January … so, why goal talk now? Aren’t new year goals supposed to be well underway?

I mean, yes … and no. Yes, because starting fresh on January 1st does have a nice ring to it. But no, mostly no, because you can start goals ANYTIME!

This month the kids and I have been chatting about goals for the year. How to create S.M.A.R.T. goals, different categories of goals, and how to chart goals throughout the year so we’re slowly chipping away on big things one bit at a time. It has been my favorite thing to hear what my kids want to work on – they’re go getters!

Below is a peek at my goals for this year. This year is FULL for us so I really aimed for attainable, fun, and productive things. I’m pleased and excited to get going.


My favorite spiritual goal ever was the year I read through the whole Bible. My first time ever! Since I’ve done a number of studies and I really should circle back to a full read through but this year I want to simply memorize a new verse with the kids each month. It isn’t something I’ve been consistent with during our school Bible time and this is the year I want to make sure it happens.


Dare I say I’m most excited for my physical goals this year. In November I ran a half marathon so I feel like I’m coming into the year with a good base, but, to run well this year I’m pretty sure I need to get stronger. So I’m committing to strength training with Nourish Move Love four times a week with a goal of increasing my weights from 10-15 pounds to 15-20 pounds.

Next, I REALLY want to beat my 2 mile race time of 18:01. I’ve been pushing for that sub 9 minute mile in this race category for too long.


For this category, I took it as something that would give me a mental boost. I chose three simple goals – 1) Get my passport renewed, 2) Sort my giant pile of recipes and work through the “to try” ones, 3) treat my skin better.

I already got a great start sorting recipes and Jem and I tried this Thai dish recently. Well underway!

As far as the passport, I’m waiting for a good hair day to pop in somewhere to get my photo :) I don’t have any international trips planned but if the opportunity arises, I want to be ready!

And skincare … I’ve made better choices over the last few years but in my old age (I turn 37 this year!) I need to up my game! Solvasa recently gifted me their Crystal Energy Wand and DeStressance Serum and I’m already loving it. The Solvasa wand unites vibrational massage and gua sha to reduce puffiness, smooth lines, and rejuvenate. Amen to that!


I took my own spin on this one and turned it into more of a relational goal. Then again, strong relationships support emotions so, it makes sense. First, Jem and I want to paint our nails together once a month. We have a great line up of Dazzle Dry colors and always love our nails when we make the time … now it’s an official goal! Second, Max and I are going to watch all the Star Wars movies together. About one a month. I’ve never seen them all, or in order, and with four boys, it’s about time I get a better grasp on the storyline and characters.


Normally my big educational goal would be related to reading but this year I’m not setting anything specific. The only thing of not here is that I want to read more of what my kids are reading. Reading the same books – together or separate – brings about the best conversations! So far we’re reading Astrid the Unstoppable together (love!) and listening to The Long Winter (Cherry Jones is the best narrator). Soon I’m going to begin Keeper of the Lost Cities because Jemma and Max both love this series and I want in on the fun!

This year I’m going to take a class about homeopathic remedies. I have a handful of them and reach for them on occasion, but not nearly as much as I should. I need to learn more to feel confident.

Know of any online classes I could register for?


For the last eighteen months Dominic has been managing and growing an eBay store. At the tail end of last year I started helping more and it became apparent that we can really rock this little side business if we work together. So, I’m officially his eBay assistant! I take photos and help source sometimes. Resale is such a flexible option for us to earn a little extra money and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Need a printable to outline your own goals for 2023? Here you go!


Or, opt for a generic one you can use any year.


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