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Word of the Year: Pace

Last year I established some really wonderful habits. It’s like I came out of the baby fog and could finally handle keeping myself accountable. Should I have done it earlier? Yes. Am I better late than never? Definitely. Side note here … Still very much in the toddler fog. But I suppose I’ve just acclimated. […]

Five Favorites

Dom and I just got back from Chicago. Ohmygoodness. So cold! So fun! We haven’t been away just us since I was pregnant with Eli. The night in the backcountry this summer sleeping on a deflating sleeping bag pad does not count! So, we were definitely due for an extended mama dad adventure! Date days […]

This + That

January started with a bug sweeping through all four kids. We surivived, but man, I’m beat. Sanity-wise from being so self-quarantined and phyically from all the broken sleep. Here’s to a healthier second half of January! We did make it out once, for a rainy hike, when everyone was 75% well. A kind stranger offered […]

2019 Goals Recap

I never shared my 2019 goals, not in blog post format at least. I think I was too hesitant. If I shared them and didn’t complete them, I’d have to confess! But, things went surprisingly well. I purposefully made just a few, realistic goals that required daily, or at least consistent, focus. For me, this […]

A Very Merry Christmas

We’re having a quiet, at home Christmas this year and it has been all sorts of relaxing. Lots of treats and movies and snuggles! We’ve been in pajamas for days and our biggest to do is to go see Little Women sometime over break. I didn’t unpack our Christmas decor until the 20th so we […]

Rocky Road Bars

When the kids and I decided to do a big holiday baking day this year we brainstormed some of our favorite recipes and then sat down and scrolled Pinterest too. We wanted a mix of old and new recipes, past favorites and hopefully soon-to-be favorites. Out of the eight recipes we made, these rocky road […]

This + That

Max and I are home from Disneyland and what an amazing trip it was! I LOVE the one on one time with my littles – they just come alive in a new way when it’s just us :) Forever and ever I’ll treasure those magical days. Now, the Christmas countdown! I did so much prep […]

The Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

With four littles I feel like I have a very strong pulse on the toy market. Someone in our family loves everything it seems! We tend to keep things real small around here for the holidays. I frequently remind the kids that their birthday is the time to focus on them and Christmas is a […]

The Holiday Gift Guide For Mamas

Merry almost Christmas! I’ve been curating this list of gift ideas for mamas for months now and I’m so excited to share! These are things I LOVE, things on my personal wish list, and things I know you’ll adore too! Before we get to it, a little disclaimer … some links are affiliates which mean […]

Jemma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jem is back with another wonderful recipe! Cookies seem to be her speciality and I’m thrilled to be graduating from resident baker in our home … Jem is taking over and taking over well. Without further ado, here she is, my favorite blogger baker! My name is Jemma. My favorite color is purple – lavender, […]