Homeschooling With Usborne Books

I didn’t discover Usborne until we were a year or two into homeschooling. But, as they say, better late than never!

Our family truly loves Usborne books for fun, but we also utilize them A LOT throughout our homeschool days. The other day I rounded up many of our top picks, but I figured it might be helpful to highlight the specific ones we use when it comes to homeschooling.

Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation

Do you easily recall how to describe parts of speech? How about the rules of grammar? This guide is a wonderful resource as you help your kids explore words and beyond! This Illustrated Dictionaries series also features a Thesaurus and resources on Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and more.

See Inside series

If you unit study, these are for you! The most beautiful, most informative books on a bajillion topics. You can even find some retired selections on Thriftbooks, just search “Usborne See Inside”.

State Capitals

This book makes learning state capitals SO FUN!

Learning Wraps

Now, these aren’t books, but they ARE a fantastic learning resource. It’s a game of sorts (an awesome one to take in the car) where kids can self-correct math facts and more.

Time Traveler

Somehow I missed buying this on my last Usborne order, but I know we need it! I’ve always loved history, but this sure bring things extra alive!

The Story of Inventions

Do your kids always ask how things are made or when they came about? With this book you can stop saying, “I don’t know” and learn the answer together!

Understanding Politics and Government

I think most homeschool moms would agree that we learn right along with our kids, and boy, do I need a refresh in politics and government! So, we’re diving in together!

Children’s Picture Atlas

Weekly I have the big kids pull out our atlas and pick something to learn about. This 5 minute assignment expands their world, literally. A good atlas is a gift!

Wipe-Clean Books

Perfect for littles learning to write! These activity books can be used again and again.

This is just the beginning, but I won’t overwhelm you with more … for now. Truly, all Usborne books are learning-based and great for homeschooling … you can’t go wrong when adding any Usborne books to your home library!

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