Mom’s Easter Outfit From the Base Layer Up

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It might still be 40 degrees out, but I’m definitely feelin’ the spring vibes lately! Bulbs are peeking through the dirt and I’m deep into my Lent sacrifice (no, not Catholic, but always up for a challenge to refocus). With Lent brings the anticipation of Easter … and Easter outfits.

I’m not 100% if I’m going to buy something new this year or if I’m going to re-invent something from my closet. But, I do know that I had tons of fun browsing and rounding up some great Easter outfit options!

Base Layer

As the post title alludes, outfits begin with a solid base layer. My mom was a big believer in this. Always saying that “foundation matters” and “quality unders can make any piece of clothing look good”. That’s where Kim Kardashian’s new undergarment and shapewear line, SKIMS, comes in. Just look at all these amazing seamless underwear options and shapewear pieces!

Earrings + Accessories

If you’re looking to upgrade your timeless jewelry, look no further than AU-Rate. I adore my midi earrings from here and have my eye on a few different gold earrings now – the florals and fans would be both perfect for everyday wear that easily transitions to a dressier holiday.

When it comes to necklaces and bracelets I’m a hardcore Noonday Collection girl. I love their mission and I love that each season they debut new pieces.

And, I *may* be brave enough to try out a hat this Easter! Not a fake flower one or bonnet (although I do love the eras of women always being in some kind of hat!), but something like this Brixton straw hat that will work for summer too.

Dresses + Jumpsuits

For the longest time I always opted for a blouse and skirt; easiest combo when I’m nursing. But, this floral wrap dress makes nursing little ones on Easter doable too! Now, that slit might be a bit much for church … but I think it’s worth ordering to try on!

I have this button up dress in a sleeved option (my favorite!), but the navy blue striped variation is so perfect for Easter!

Now, jumpsuits! Totally a valid Easter option! This striped jumpsuit would be such a versatile piece for the rest of spring and summer. Side note – I’m 5’7ish and always order a tall in jumpsuits … they just seem to fit better. This blush one is gorgeous too. Yes, I think blush might be the winner.


It’s always cold here for Easter. So it’s silly to think that I can wear something without any outerwear. I think this utility jacket or this pretty bobble cardigan would pair well with quite a few different dresses or jumpsuits. Then they can retire and re-emerge in the fall!


Despite the cold, I’m painting my toes and wearing sandals. Or maybe wedges. My feet might turn blue … but it’s Easter! And summer is coming! My mom used to always buy my sisters and I Salt Waters to wear brand new for Easter and then scamper around in all summer. I’ll be doing that for Jem, but I’m still debating my own shoe choice. Maybe these block heels? I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of that style!

Now, if browsing for yourself feels too much of a task you can always ask your Stitch Fix stylist for an Easter outfit fix! Best of all, if you’re new to Stitch Fix here’s a $50 credit towards your first box! $50 pretty much equates to a free item so definitely take advantage of that – Easter or not! The $50 promotion is good for men’s fixes too so you can sign up your hubby and nab him a new Easter shirt if you want as well!

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  1. Gabbie A says

    I am definitely feeling the spring fever myself! I love the jewelry you’ve linked to, and SKIMS is my new favorite brand when it comes to all my shapewear needs. Hopefully things warm up a bit more before Easter!

  2. Cole G says

    Spring is no doubt in the air! Love how you build this outfit from top to bottom.

  3. Bri says

    It’s so hard to find a good pair of seamless underwear, especially ones that don’t show through workout pants! I’ll have to check these out

  4. JJ says

    Loved the inspiration for creating a spring outfit this year!