Here’s $50 For Trunk Club

If you’re here for the $50 and don’t care about all my rambling, sign up here and you’ll get $50 in your account when your first trunk ships.

Now, all my Trunk Club thoughts :)

I’ve been a Stitch Fix girl for years. Still am. I mean, did you see the amazing floral top line up I got the other week?

But when a friend offered me a $50 credit for Nordstrom’s Trunk Club, I knew it was time to give it a shot.

Ya’ll, it is amazing!!!

The entire experience is very custom and personalized. And it’s bigger than Stitch Fix – I got 12 items in my trunk to choose from. Basically, it’s like personal shopping with a Nordstrom expert in your home. Ah! Praise hands!

It all starts with a style profile. Ten minutes or so of Q&A to learn more about you. You can start that here and get a feel for Trunk Club.

Then, the best part. With Trunk Club you message back and forth with your stylist to make sure they “get” you and send you a trunk you’ll love. I opted to kick off my first trunk with a little intro about me. This is what I said to begin with:

I’m so excited to be trying out Trunk Club! I’m a mom of 4 and my current “fancy” is getting ready for church or a date night – usually jeans and a pretty blouse or a dress – once or twice a week. If you’re able to send a Fljallraven backpack in the color Dahlia I would LOVE that. Nordstrom is my go to for shopping when I need a piece, but I usually hit the various sales throughout the year (because I’m also clothing a husband and 4 kids these days, lol!). Let me know if you have any questions!

As I alluded, I went into my first trunk on a budget. I didn’t want to spend much over my $50 credit. My hope was actually to get/keep a Fljallraven backpack. I’ve wanted one forever! The regular size is normally $80, but with $50 off … only $30! Totally reasonable!

My stylist messaged me that Dahlia wasn’t available but that she could include another color. It was so nice knowing ahead of time how my specific request was going to be filled.

A few days before my trunk was scheduled to ship I received an email notification alerting me to preview my trunk. I got to accept or reject what my stylist had chosen. I rejected a $188 jumpsuit (too spendy!) and a pair of shoes that were too similar to something I already have. I also skipped one top because I didn’t care for the neckline. From there I could ship my trunk as is or have my stylist fill in the gaps with a few surprises. Of course I chose surprises!

Then, the anticipation!

My trunk arrived and I waited one extra day to open it because my mom and sister were visiting and I wanted there input when I tried everything on.

And my stylist did so so good. She pieced together wonderful outfits that perfectly fit my lifestyle and requests. My 12 items included:

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A hat
  • A romper
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • The floral blouse below
  • The white top above
  • A chambray button up
  • 2 backpacks (she found a different style in the dahlia color I loved)
  • A purse

I was v v tempted to keep the backpack, both tops, and a these Wit & Wisdom jeans. Buuuuut, I fell in love with the Brixton Joanna Straw Hat. And I ordered this trunk with intentions of staying close to $50 because we’re working hard towards some financial goals.

So, I went with my love – the hat. I mean, how could I not?!? After checkout, I paid $3.42 out of pocket (basically, tax). And I can’t wait to try Trunk Club again. The convenience alone was absolutely worth it. And I loved working with a stylist who I could communicate with.

10/10 … if that’s not apparent.

And now that I’ve tried Trunk Club, I get to share a $50 credit with you … and earn $50 for myself for tipping you off to this great service.

Request my hat (we can be twins!) or the backpack (it really is so functional) or something else you’ve had your eye on at Nordstrom! Trunk Club will surely send you something you’ll love. They’re awesome like that.

P.S. This can be a subscription service (every month, three months, etc.), but it doesn’t have to be. In my profile I did not set a reoccurring trunk. I’m opting to just order when I need something or have credit burning a whole in my pocket :)

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