Five Favorites: Stay At Home Edition

The golden moments of staying at home …

These two battle all day long so it was pretty precious to catch them lovin’ on each other. Nothing like Mama saying, “You better be nice or this video game goes off” to bring out the love!

Speaking of love … here’s a few things I’m crushin’ on during these days at home!

ONE — This shower cap is huge and amazing! A friend told me about it, swearing it was the best, AND IT IS!

TWO — Who all is gardening right now? We are! The kids are super involved and they’re all obsessed with these gloves.

THREE — Baking bread? I finally ordered this to get my grams on and it works like a charm. If you’re not embarking on the sourdough journey, try out this old staple – Crusty Dutch Oven Bread. We love it just as much!

FOUR — Disney games are our favorite and this card game is 40% off right now!

FIVE — My bestie just got these blue light glasses for her increased computer work these days and they’re the cutest … and functional!

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