Fair Trade + Fabulous

Happy Sunday, my friends!

You know those things that just tug at your heart? They make sense and you kind of yearn to get involved?

That’s how I feel about Fair Trade

It kind of goes along with Dave Ramsey’s idea of knowing where your dollars go. And seeing that we’re Dave Rams-ites around here I always want to know where my money goes. So, whether it be milk or fruit or clothing, tracking the source and details of its coming to life is important to me.

That’s where Fair Trade comes in. When a product is stamped “Fair Trade” you know the the company is mindful about poverty alleviation, workplace safety, environmental conservation, water access, food safety, no child labor, women’s empowerment and education. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that’s something we can all get on board with.

So, the next time you’re at the mall or the grocery store or shopping online – ask questions, dig at the source and determine if that $20 shirt or $3 coffee is worth it. Were the sacrifices made to get you a deal honorable? Does it matter that a child is skipping school to get you a bargain? Is it ok that water is being poisoned with chemicals? 

There is no way we’ll ever be perfect in our purchasing decisions. I know I’m not. I’d guess-imate maybe 20% of my purchases are local, sustainable and fair trade. That’s so sad! But, I’m aware and I’m consciously planning to do better; to follow the buyerarchy of needs and when it comes time to buy, and then, to buy wisely.

And now, may I present a lovely collection of Fair Trade fashion! Beautiful pieces with even more beautiful stories. It’s Fair Trade fabulous if I do say so myself :) fair trade & fabulous

Fair Trade & Fabulous by thatmamagretchen featuring all Fair Trade items. Click below for details of each item …


And now, a big ol’ Happy Fair Trade Month to you! Browse more Fair trade awesomeness over on my new Pinterest board! And, most exciting of all, keep tabs on my Instagram account – there just might be a Fair Trade giveaway coming later this month :)

I’m thankful to have partnered with prAna and Noonday Collection, both Fair Trade companies, to share today’s post with you. Give them a high five and when it comes time to shop don’t miss out on their amazing pieces. prAna and Noonday are companies with strong values so you know your dollars are doing good things when spent with them!

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