Goodbye 2012

What a year 2012 has been! More than I could have ever imagined for sure. Looking back, I feel so blessed. Blessed by my son and the journey we took for him to join our family and all other other surprises along the way. Here’s a recap of all the year’s highlights …
In JANUARY Jemma turned 15 months old and we announced some fabulous news – a little brother or sister would be joining our family! Hooray! I started yoga which turned out to be one of my failed goals of 2012 and I lamented about feeling old. Well, oddly old and young at the same time.
Dominic and I decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in FEBRUARY … a few months early since a newborn would be joining us right about our actual anniversary. I chatted about our cloth diaper routine and finished up my Sunday Confessionals. Poor Jemmie visited the ER too – due to her experience she still hates doctor’s offices :(
From the very beginning of the year I couldn’t wait until MARCH since we had decided to find out our little baby’s gender. It was such a fun surprise to share with our family and friends! If that wasn’t exciting enough, we placed an offer on a piece of forest to build our future home! I wrote, “I’m a Natural Parent, but …” to spill the beans on how unnatural I am at times and my Crockpot Steel-Cut Oats made many a chilly morning a touch warmer. Plus, March marked the half way point in my pregnancy – time seriously flies the second time around!
Call me crazy, but this outfit from APRIL featured one of my most favorite pregnancy photos – it was at that stage when my bump had popped, but I hadn’t plumped yet :) Since we were having a little man, I stepped on the landmine of our circumcision decision and if that wasn’t controversy enough I decided to eat my placenta too! We went on a road trip, I survived a plethora of witching hours, and published my most popular post ever (thanks to the power of Pinterest). On a non-birth note, I’m still in love with this collection of mason jar inspirations … will I ever not heart them?
Oh, MAY, you brought our adorable family plus a belly photo shoot on our property. Jemma stole the show with her sweet smile; I melt seeing how little she looks! I made it to 30 weeks and we celebrated with a forest themed baby shower. Dominic turned 26. I started delving more and more into writing and shared some thoughts on a Daddy birth bag and my and Jemma’s weaning experience which included a video over at Code Name: Mama.
JUNE kicked off with the Pacific Northwest Blogger Meet Up … LOVED IT! I wrote a post about anticipating birth for a second time and celebrated my growing bump with a mustache themed baby shower. I plugged away at my Hypnobabies study, opened my lil’ Etsy shop, and shared about our normal days. If that wasn’t enough, we moved too! P.S. Have you ever wondered what’s missing on your baby registry
One of my pre-baby goals was to get settled into our temporary room at my parents, I finished in JULY, just in the nick of time! Other last minute projects were completed … our birth plan, maternity pictures, and the fabulous support small business project. Oh, and the 4th of July, how could I forget that?
The biggest month of our year … AUGUST! Jemma turned 22 months and we found out that she had been featured on a Jones Soda bottle. I also won a cookie competition at the fair – craziness! Just hours before Max was born I typed this post and then my little man was born in the upstairs bathroom! By the end of the month, Max owned my heart and Instagram :) 
SEPTEMBER was a brimming with busyness too! I rewrote Jemma’s birth story to commemorate the day I went into labor with her, celebrated my first anniversary of being a SAHM, started writing for Baby Gizmo, launched The Fabulous Fall Scarf Tour, and began preparing for Jemmie’s 2nd birthday by sharing my favorite gifts for 2 year olds. Best of all, I was able to share the priceless photos of my speedy labor and Max’s birth.
Can you say birthday month? Also known as OCTOBER around here :) To celebrate my 26th birthday, my mom wrote my birth story. Jemma turned the big two with an Everyone Loves an Italian Girl party. I stopped praying for an easy life, breastfed day and night, and we met with a surgeon to learn more about Max’s double thumbs.
Full of early mornings and a 100 day celebration, NOVEMBER brought our Texas family for a visit and we won a turkey for Thanksgiving. I participated in #thesamepage and began my prep for a second year of Homemade Christmas.
For DECEMBER we (as you, me, and all the other TMG readers) pooled our funds to purchase gifts for two foster girls. We raised $175! I started to gain some composure with being at home with two little ones and of course, we celebrated Christmas. The littles and I planned a special dinner for Dominic to celebrate the end of what would have been the end my maternity leave – our goal was to honor him and how hard he is working for our family so I can stay at home (I haven’t blogged about this yet, but will soon)! 2012 goals wrapped up well – I only missed one or two depending on how you look at it. I’m looking forward to 2013 in many ways, it will be a year of settling. Settling into our new town, being family of four, and OUR NEW HOME!
Share your 2012 recap in the comments – I’d love to catch up on your year!
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    Love your blog…….thanks for the recap and sharing with us readers! love and many blessings in 2013!

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