Why Wool?

When we first decided to cloth diaper I was set on creating our whole stash with one type of diaper. It seemed to be the easiest way to stay organized – same washing instructions, same inserts, same everything. Although I don’t regret going heavy in one direction of cloth diapering – now, a year in, I’m super excited to be exploring other options.

Enter wool.

Wool first caught my attention when I saw these beautiful wool longies. But, just as quickly as wool caught my eye, the price tag made me turn away :(

Then I started thinking … there has got to be a reason wool is so valuable. And there is. Pause … there are MANY reasons:

  • Wool is breathable. Since wool is a natural fiber it helps baby’s bum to have constant airflow and therefore, reduces diaper rash by creating an even temperature void of moisture. Which leads wool’s next perk …
  • Wool absorbs AND repels moisture. It seems somewhat contradictory to think that a fabric can both absorb and repel, but that is the magic of wool! Wool can absorb up to 30% of its’ weight in moisture without feeling damp and without making its’ wearer feel clammy. Here’s the science behind the magic … the inner core of wool fiber is made of a protein who’s job is to absorb. This protein is covered by overlapping scales that repel. Wool is also characteristic of lanolin which is a natural repellant.
  • Wool is perfect for every season. We often see wool in outerwear because it does a great job at insulating. Insulating is preferred to trapping heat, like a synthetic fiber might. This feature helps keep babies warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Wool is fire resistant. Due to its’ absorbancy wool is often a great choice for nighttime diapering. Just like other nightwear, being fire resistant is a must. Wool chars rather than catching flame and naturally extinguishes without chemical treatment.
  • Wool is durable. Wool fiber is a work horse. It is made to withstand twisting, turning, shuffling, and, well, all the movement of a little one. A wool fiber can be bent 20,000 times before breaking; In comparison to cotton (3,000 bends) and silk (2,000 bends). Wool pieces are an investment, but they pay off over the years when properly cared for.

See what I mean? Wool is absolutely worth the investment and better yet, there are many affordable, second-hand, and DIY options for incorporating wool into your stash!

Do you use wool? Are you interested in trying it out? Please share your experience and thoughts! Show some wool love!

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  1. ThatMamaGretchen says

    You can use either a prefold or a fitted. I've got a post coming all about that :) ________________________________

  2. says

    I'm really enjoying all these wool posts. I think I sometimes freak out about wool and think that it will leak but those facts sound interesting and those wool covers look so so sweet!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yay! I'm glad you are finding it helpful! Wool is the best :)________________________________

  4. says

    Hmmm….you got me thinking, lady. It's so hard when I've already invested in pretty large CD stash, but just a couple of a weeks ago a friend was telling me why she only uses cloth prefolds instead of synthetic AIOs, etc. My mother-in-law is a big knitter, so that might help if we decide to switch. Plus we're moving to a cold climate soon, so wool pants seem perfect! Did you ditch your entire CD stash? Or do you do a little of everything now? (you may have mentioned in a different post that i haven't gotten to yet).

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I didn't ditch my cloth at all! Right now I use my cloth (Flips, Econobums, Smartipants, and BumGenius) while we are out running errands and wool at home. Also, my hubby hasn't switched to diapering Jem with wool yet … I'm working on him :) ________________________________

  6. Anonymous says

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