Building Your Wool Stash

The great thing about wool is that you can start building your stash slowly. I don’t know many mamas who begin with wool – most are using another cloth diapering system and slowly add or transition to wool.

To turn your baby into a woolie baby you’ll need 2 pieces – a cloth component with a wool cover. A fitted diaper is probably the easiest cloth component as it’s like any other cloth diaper. It fits snug and has a snap or Velcro closure, but it isn’t water proof which is why you’ll need to match it with a wool cover to avoid a mess.

Of course, I LOVE the homemade version of fitteds that we’re featuring this week – those are actually the only ones I have, but just to give you a visual of what one looks like elsewhere. Here’s a peek at a fitted from Kissaluvs:

A cheaper option for underneath wool is a prefold or contour diaper which also requires a Snappi to hold it closed:

Here’s a great pro/con list for deciding between fitteds and contours. I’ve tried both and don’t really have a preference. Jemma is not a very wiggly baby during diaper changes so that definitely helps when adjusting the Snappi. Mid-budget option is the hybrid contours – they have elastic legs, but you still need a Snappi.

Hope that all makes sense so far :)

Next piece is your wool and you’re little one can where a basic pull on cover, shorties (cover with legs the length of shorts), or longies (cover with legs the length of pants … my personal favorite). Again, I love the upcycled and homemade versions of these. They have alot more character and are stinkin’ adorable! But, you can find them in the stores as well. Just save your pennies and dollars – they do not come cheap!

I would say you could easily start using wool with 4-8 fitteds/contours, 1 Snappi, and 2 wool covers.

Last, but not least, don’t forget special wool wash and lanolin for taking care of your wool. We’ll have more about each of those things on Friday and Saturday.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to comment back with what I know :)

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