“Nursery” Peek



Nurseries aren’t really a big deal around here. They never have been. Jemma had a little corner in our room and a play space in our guest room. Max too, had a corner in our room. That’s it. Talk about depriving our children and saving money while we’re at it! Seriously though, we always knew we would be co-sleeping folk so the idea of a full-fledged nursery sounded lovely, but impractical.

But, of course, I’ve always loved decorating SOMETHING for the new member of our family and this little one is no exception. Jemma and Max both had forest themed spaces, but for this little man, I decided to blend forest favorites with an adventure theme. 

At some point in the future Max and his little bro will share a room. I’m planning for it to be adventure themed with maps, forest animals, modes of transportation … that sort of thing. Think modern, kid-friedly REI feel. In preparation for the boy’s future adventure room I’m double dipping with baby’s wall decor. Again, so frugal am I! Hopefully I still love the idea when the time comes to move the boys together …

So far I’ve collected some fabulous pieces for the wall and plan to make a bomb yarn thingamajig in the next while. DIY soon? Maybe!

  • Sundvik Crib — IKEA
  • Modern Feather Sheet — Little Wife Power House
  • Small Stuffed Bear Mount by Stuffed Animal House — Amazon
  • Lamby Rug — Amazon
  • “Be Strong” Canvas, Mountain Art, Canoe Paddle, Moose — Hobby Lobby
  • “R” and other letters — JoAnn Fabrics

Here’s a peek at Jemma’s set up (one and two), Max’s first space and then his round two after we moved.

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