Tuna Veggie Cakes


When Dominic and I started dating he had one request of me … and I paraphrase, “Please learn how to make tuna melts like, um, the girl before you.” Yes, in our early dating days he thought it would be a good pointer to guide my cooking to be more like his former girlfriend. At […]

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

photo 4

Today Dominic and I are starting the 21 Day Fix.  I’m hesitant to even say so, because, well, what if I quit? Or eat an entire bag of chocolate covered sea salt almonds? Or order a pepperoni pizza as midnight nears?  It’s out there in the universe now. For 21 days I’ll be all whole foods, […]

Slow Cooker Beef Roast French Dip + a Giveaway

slow cooker beef roast french dip

I live and die by my slower cooker in the Fall and Winter. It’s just so cozy to pop a meal in to cook while I go about my day. Especially with our homeschool preschool and high school pick up routine. Planning a slow cooker meal insures a hot dinner. Otherwise, that isn’t always a […]

Mexi Burgers

mexi burgers

Look at me, following through on promises — the recipe I mentioned yesterday! I have quite the history with beef. You see, for 23 years I hated it. Burgers made me gag. Steaks were out of the question. Meatloaf was my worst nightmare. Beef and I just didn’t mix.  Then I got pregnant and all […]

Monte Cristo Sandwiches


I’m kind of a foodie. Not a chef by any means, but I binge watch the Food Network and love eating out at restaurants. There are a few particular menu items I always try if they’re on the menu … 1) bread pudding 2) any chocolate type cocktails 3) cobb salads 4) monte cristo sandwiches. […]

What To Tell the Butcher When You Order a Quarter Beef

packaged meat

I had no idea what to name this post … “How to Butcher a Quarter Cow”, “Ground Beef and Everything Else”, “Fill Your Freezer With a Happy Cow” … well, you see what I landed on. Either way, this post is all about beef cuts and what to expect if you ever purchase a quarter […]

Taco Soup A La the Entire Garden

taco soup

When the internet hands you lemons, you say “Yes! Please! This mama loves her some lemons!” and thank the sweet sponsor who sent those lemons your way :) I’m 5 runs into my 5K training.  This is big you guys, really big. Because I hate to sweat and I hate to run, and yet, it’s […]

Easy Breezy Frittata

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.50.55 PM

From weeks 7-12 of this pregnancy I didn’t cook much at all. Like nothing. We ate out, defrosted all the freezer meals I had stored, and ate cereal. But, I’m back at it. I suppose all Tivo’d Ten Dollar Dinners and The Pioneer Woman finally got to me. It’s not that I really have the […]