Q & A: Baby-led Weaning, V. 1

First food, more playing than eating – avocado – 6 months Jamie from Lucy & Co. and I were recently chatting about baby-led weaning and she had some great questions! I figured I could answer most of the questions here to pass on the goodness of our baby-led weaning journey. Of course, this is all […]

Tips for Baby Feeding Magic

Thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring my post about tips for baby feeding magic. What if you let baby choose what’s for dinner? Check out their cute “Quest for Yum!” video and see what happens!  Jemma has always had a mind of her own when it comes to meals. You could call her … particular.Last […]

Banana Berry Breakfast

I’m loving the baby-led weaning Facebook group! It has such fabulous ideas for non-puree food options for little ones. Recently, they posted 100 Baby-Led Weaning Recipes and Jemma tried out Banana Berry Breakfast today. It was a hit! Banana Berry Breakfast Ingredients 1 small ripe banana 1 T blueberries 1-2 T baby oats Method Mash […]

More Mangoes?

The end is coming to my baby food making days. Jemma isn’t really a fan of pureed food yet. We’ve been greeted with lots of awful faces, spitting and pushing away, so we’re going to take a break from traditional baby food and go more the baby led weaning route (join this Facebook group for […]

Name this post …

I need to come up with a good post title for these weekly updates on food and signing. Nothing is coming to me.I’m having one of those uber non-creative days.Any ideas? This week is brought to you by the food … SWEET POTATOES and the sign for … DADDY via

Just like Sesame Street

It feels crazy to say it, but I have a 6 month old. Seriously.It feels like I gave birth yesterday. 6 months means alot of things in my mind. I really REALLY wanted to exclusively breastfeed for Jem’s first 6 months and we made it! Girlfriend hasn’t had anything but mama’s milk and since my […]

Avocados are Awesome

Saturday is the big day! Jemma turns 6 months old and we’re celebrating with her first taste of food … a little bit of avocado. Jemma is still primarily nursing, but each week I plan to introduce a new food. We’re also going to start learning a new sign each week. I haven’t decided on […]