It was our fourth nap attempt. Almost an hour into the actual beginning of nap time. That means 4 rounds of story, Bible, prayers, hugs + kisses, milk, music and lights out.
As I calmly looked down at my blonde haired firecracker I said, “It’s time to rest, close your eyes, go to sleep and don’t get out of bed.” Simultaneously, my blood boiled. My eye twitch was not going to resolve itself without some rest. Mainly, some extra rest outside of the normal midnight-6am that I’m usually allotted. Hence, my dire need to “nap while the children nap”. I mean, that’s what all the wise mamas tell you to do.

She stared back at me with a goofy grin, eyes wide open. Almost like she was high on cotton candy, or her personal favorite “choc-a-lit” which she rarely has a taste of, but is somehow obsessed with. She boomed, in a very non-nap voice level, “I’s two HALF, Mommy!”
Oh, is that it.

She’s two and a half and this is our new normal.

A huge amount of independence and exploration and excitement. Lots of emotions. Super fun and super sweet with a dash of ornery spunk. I hope she never loses it. Any of it.

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  1. Carey says

    i love this.

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  5. says

    Bahaha! We love em and we can't stand em.Great post. I often let rip with a very non nap time voice of GO TO SLEEP!