Five Favorites

^^^ Last night on our girl’s date! We visited Nordstrom Rack and Anko, had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (mizithra for life!), and wrapped up at Target. Didn’t get home until 11pm; Jem is totally a night owl like her mama.

Speaking of being a night owl. I just popped a bag of popcorn. At 1am. And am eating it with a tiny bowl of chocolate chips. Because I’m the mom and I make the rules around here :)

I’m also outside on the back patio with a Viva Verde candle flickering next to my grande mason jar of H2O and I have no intentions of going to bed anytime soon. I like this time alone – calm, quiet, productive. Even if it means I’ll start tomorrow a weeeeeee bit tired. The boys are my early birds!

Before I move on to my next to do (uploading some freelance work and organizing my Pinterest boards … did you know you can drag and drop between boards now?!?), here’s a few recent faves!

ONE — No longer do I have to choose to charge my phone or plug in the auxiliary cable to push sound from my phone through the car speakers. Praise. Best $9 I’ve spent in a long time.

TWO — Did I order these for Jemma? No, no I did not. They are for me :) #disneymom

THREE — Pretty sure these prayer journals will become special keepsakes.

FOUR — If your kids are art crazy like mine turn their creations into postcards! We love these watercolor postcards and there are mixed media ones too.

FIVE — Easy, (not sugar coated) elderberry gummies. Only Jemma likes elderberry syrup, so I buy these for the boys.

P.S. I rebranded my Instagram shop and posted gobs of goodies! Shop your heart out :)

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