Happy From the Inside Out


As I type, you’re wiggling yourself to sleep beside me. You’re smiling and kicking; practically winking while you murmur, “Golly Mama, I’m just so glad that we love each other so much.”

And we do. We really really do.


It’s been six months since Eli joined our crew (well, six months in another week) and the days are passing by far too quickly. Let me tell you. This boy is all rolls and all joy. All. The. Time. He’s happy from the inside out and the greatest sidekick in the world. We’re all a wee bit obsessed.

Eli, you have our hearts.


Eli will be trying his first taste of food next week – avocado on their six month birthday is our tradition. Up until then, it’s been just mama milk and a few supplements. The supplement I love most is his baby probiotic. After all, happy tummy, happy baby, right? Right!

Evivo is a live, powder probiotic developed especially for breastfed babies. The unique formula contains B. infantis, a good bacteria which binds to breastmilk to protect baby’s gut from harmful bacteria that often play a role in bothersome conditions like eczema and colic and worrisome diseases like diabetes. Best of all, Evivo is easy to serve and Eli slurps it down without complaint! 

I know that gut health is one of those out of sight out of mind kind of things, but it influences so much! Baby’s early days are an important time to establish a strong immune system and proactive metabolism and good gut bacteria aids in both. In conjunction with the University of California, Evivo has explored baby gut health and dare I say perfected the probiotics that serve babies and their tummies best. Check out all the studies and science and details! I’m in awe. And so at peace dosing up Eli’s syringe of Evivo probiotics.


To prepare Evivo you simply mix the packet and a little breastmilk in the provided mixing bowl. Then, pull it into the syringe before serving to your little one. I usually lay Eli down and tuck the syringe into the back side of his cheek and slowly disperse. 



Does your little one take a probiotic with B. infantis? Learn more about Evivo and browse the FAQ to see if it would be a good fit for your family!

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  1. says

    Awesome! We got ours last week & cant wait to start trying it, too! I take a raw probiotic myself & it’s pricey, but absolutely worth it for our health! Thanks for sharing!

    • Gretchen says

      Yes, one of those worthwhile investments. We’ve only got one gut!