Postpartum Reality — 8 Weeks



How far into the 4th trimester:  7 weeks, 6 days

Weight loss: I have reached my breastfeeding weight. The plateau where I live until baby is about a year old. No matter what I eat or how much I exercise, I weigh 165 pounds when I’m nursing. That’s just where my body needs to be to make creme de la creme! 

Sleep: A lot of Eli’s sleep schedule depends on how our day goes. If we’re home and he nurses more often, he sleeps longer at night. If we have busy days and he doesn’t nurse as much, he makes up for it at night. Smart guy! Overall, he’s a wonderful sleeper. Either that or I just have low expectations after four kids. My favorite, as always, is when he sleeps on me. There is just nothing better than holding a sleeping babe.

Breastfeeding: The mastitis scare? Totally avoided! Those supplements worked and worked fast! It has been smooth sailing since. On occasion my crazy letdown catches Eli off guard and he chokes, but as long as I burp him well after nursing, Eli is a big fan of mama milk. 

On the note of breastfeeding though, I can’t emphasize enough how important the right supplies are. Namely, nursing wear that properly supports the girls when they’re doing their most important job! I’ve LOVED Bravado since Jemma was born back in 2010 and recently had the chance to review three of their new bras: the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, the Original Full Cup Nursing Bra, and the Ballet Nursing Bra. I’m roughly a 34F right now and the Original Full Cup Nursing Bra is my top pick. The others are wonderful too, but I find myself reaching for the Full Cup first. If you’re in the market for nursing bras, Bravado is the place to shop for sure. 

Other postpartum things: I had my final midwife appointment last week and here’s where I’ll get reeeeeal honest. I thought I might be dealing with some kind of prolapse. Things down under just didn’t look right and although I didn’t have pain, I assumed something wasn’t right. But, upon inspection via the lovely PAP that happens at the 6 week appointment I learned that, no, no prolapse for me, thankfully. Not thankfully though is my apparent need for nonstop kegels to heal, strengthen, and overall make the aftermath of birthing an 11 pound baby less apparent. Oh joy.

Best moment this week: I traveled SOLO for two hours each way to visit family with all four kids. And we all survived! Dare I say, it was pleasant! I listened to my audiobook, the big kids watched a movie, and the little boys snoozed. Go us!

Worst moment this week: We might be moving … again. I packed and moved during my first trimester with Eli and doing the same during my fourth? Not looking forward to it. When we’re settled for real and for awhile though, THAT will be A.MAZE.ING.

Miss anything: My days go like this: Help kid 1 do this, help kid 2 do that, help kid 3, help kid 4. Rotate again. And again. And again. And again. Squeeze in a potty break for myself. Back to the same of help kid 1, 2, 3, 4. Eat soggy bowl of cereal I forgot about. Kid 1-4. Again, again, again. Fit in the most imminent chore – dishes if we’re out of forks, laundry if we’re out of underwear, etc. Basically, I miss having nothing to do. You will never ever hear me say I’m bored.  

Cravings: Sandwiches, same as when I was pregnant. I adore eggnog lattes too. 

Looking forward to: Everyone keeps asking if Eli has smiled yet. And he hasn’t. I know he’s happy, but I guess he’s just not smile-y. One of these days though! Can’t wait for that gummy little grin!

What Jemma says: “I liked our girl time before because it was less work … but I love Eli so much that I’m still happy he is here.” When Jem and I sneak away Eli comes with us now, because, where I go, Eli goes. She doesn’t get just girl time anymore, at least not yet, but it sounds like she has justified it :)

What Max says: “Eli is my best baby brother, DO NOT forget him!” In my defense, I have not forgotten him! I do load Eli in the car last because he’s usually snoozing in his swing and it just makes sense to load the car with stuff and the other kids before I transfer Eli into his car seat. 

What Reid says: He has gone kissing crazy with Eli. Cute little pecks accompanied by a lean that I think signifies a gentle hug. Reid may not have many words, but he sure knows how to show his love.

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  1. Carol says

    Where are you getting eggnog lattes?! I love having four grandkids but cannot imagine being the mom of four kids! You are a great mom Gretchen ❤️

    • Gretchen says

      Starbucks and Dutch Bros! I’ve been saving my freebies for them :) Darah knows my life all too well … homeschooling adds another element completely. Thank goodness for our mamas who jump in as often as they can! xoxo

  2. Steph F. says

    What an adorable little guy! Mine is 10 weeks and just started smiling, so I feel you on that milestone. And once again Max cracks me up! My daughter always tells me not to forget her brother, or leave him in the car. I WON’T (and haven’t!) lol

    • Gretchen says

      I got a smile today and it made me so happy!