The Secret To Surviving Kids In Casts

I’m no actuary, but I’d venture to say that 90% of moms experience their kids having a cast sooner or later. It’s like an undesired badge on the vest of motherhood. Like, #realmotherhoodinyourface

No one wants a kiddo in a cast, but everyone tends to get the honor of dealing with the heartache and inconvenience sooner or later.


Thankfully our cast days haven’t started with something unexpected or traumatic. And I really hope that typing that hasn’t jinxed my week! We knew that after both Max and Reid’s surgeries they would have a cast for a few weeks to protect their incision. But, knowing it’s coming and actually coping with it are two very different things.

The biggest hurdle with having a little one in a cast is definitely bath time. Would you agree?

No splashing. No bubbles. No playing. No wiggling. And definitely NO GETTING THAT CAST WET! With infants and toddlers it’s even more difficult because they have no idea that their cast can’t get wet. Bath time is all fun and games for them so, do you skip bath time for weeks or come up with another plan?

Well, during Reid’s recent stint in a cast, I absolutely fell in love with these! They were 10x easier than trying to hold him still in the tub or attempt a sink bath with soap and a washcloth.They left him clean and fresh and I got a great deal on them! So, wins all around!


sam's club

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths are a staple in our bathrooms for bathroom purposes (hence buying in bulk at Sam’s Club!), but I couldn’t help but share how great they turned out to be for cast life too. Seriously, when your cast days arrive (not that I’m wishing that on you!) be sure to stock up on Cottonelle – they can even be shipped straight to your door! These will give you and yours a confident clean and become a treasured supply that make having a kid in a cast a wee bit simpler.


Another reason we LOVE Cottonelle Cloths? Potty training! Take a peek at my DIY Potty Training On the Go Kit and you’ll be stocking up on Cottonelle wipes before your little one can say, “Mooooooooooom, I need to go potty!”

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  1. Lexy Overstreet Broome says

    These are some great tips. Fingers crossed I will never need to use them. You are a strong mama! I can’t even imagine bath time in a cast!