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Jemma turns 6 this year. That means I’m 1/3 of the way parenting her through the years she’ll be at home. Cue tears and all the emotions! I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about what I want her to leave home with. Like, the top, super, most important things. All the essentials seem to fall into the category of how we treat others and choose to love them. Of course, it’s one of those intangible things, how do I even build a metric around that? But when all is said and done, whether she grasps geometry or has a chance to read through British Literature, I want her (and her brothers) to know how to love well. I truly believe that will serve them best and lead them in growing passions that will influence others and fulfill their hearts.

Amen and amen. Parenting isn’t easy, ya’ll. But this is the good stuff. Nurturing little hearts and teaching the things that don’t come out of textbooks.

So, now that I’ve got you all thinking about the day your kids graduate and move on to big, awesome lives – here’s a round up of this + that!

This grain-free granola sounds beyond superb!

American moms be crazy!

This is important. For me, for my kids.

Cindy’s umbilical hernia experience, such good info on surgeries in general.

A high value coupon from one of my sponsors this month!

And another deal from a sponsor – can’t say no to $10!

“I will always choose to be a bad friend over being a bad wife, mom or employee and I think this is true for most moms.” My friend, Mary, totally gets it.

So much marriage truth.

I don’t have a fix for our medical system, but this is just crazy sauce!

How breastfeeding changes your brain.

Teaching bravery.

Love free pretties, download it!

Can’t wait for my birthday!

My top pick nursing bra for home days.

4 Ways Parents Teach Kids That Consent Doesn’t Matter – sooooooo important!

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