What Kind of OREO Creations Are In Your Dreams?

Oh, OREO! Not only are you a family favorite in your original form, you’re a ginormous winner when it comes to inspiring creativity.

I’m no OREO history expert (just a Walmart shopper who got a glimpse of all the amazing choices currently available), but I think the OREO timeline went something like this … regular OREOs, double stuffed OREOs, mega stuffed, golden, lemon, peanut butter, birthday cake, reduced fat, thins, red velvet, cinnamon bun, MILKA bars, Choco-Mix, coconut … and much, much more! Seriously, what genius creation will come next? 

Well, I’ll give you a hint about what’s next. An OREO fan just might be the mastermind behind OREO’s next creation.

Yep, get ready to dream up your perfect OREO and enter this contest STAT! Jem and I are stoked about our entry inspired by the sweetness of summertime. May I introduce the Raspberry Dream OREO …

OREO Raspberry Dream

Jemma thought this OREO creation was amazing thanks to the pink creme raspberries would create and I fell in love with the idea of chocolate crunch, creme filling, and sweet raspberry flavor. Jump on this idea, OREO, it would be such a hit! The Raspberry Dream OREO would be perfect ode to berry picking in the summer!

Raspberry Dream

OREO contest

Do you want to dream up a new OREO flavor AND win $500,000?!? Don’t tell me your idea! Hop over here and officially enter with your own OREO creation!

Maybe by next summer your OREO creation will be on Walmart shelves … and thus, in my shopping cart :)



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    That sounds Great!I like your pics! Your creation is super creative!