Five Favorites: Usborne Edition

It has been a hot minutes since I rounded up some favorites. And Usborne books definitely fall into the realm of favorites!

These books are interactive, beautiful, and truly the highest quality. If I needed a new side hustle I’d be all for peddling these books. They’re just the best! Something I can recommend without reservation.

Today I’m featuring FIVE favorite Usborne books in FIVE age group categories. Many crossover though, Jemma and Max appreciate many of the books in the babies + toddler sections just as much as they love the ones in their respective age group.

My sister has a live Usborne party right now so if your littles need a fabulous book tucked into their Easter basket, stay in and order from the comfort of your couch :)

For Babies + Toddlers

  • Muddle and Match series — These board books are split into three rows so as you turn each page you “muddle and match” the story and the pictures. It’s so fun … and funny!
  • Garden Sounds — I’m usually not a fan of books that make noise, but garden sounds? Those I can get on board with.
  • Colorful World series — Eli just got his first Colorful World book, the Forest one, and it’s the perfect Q&A toddler book! Each page has similar animals/scenes, but one thing is off and they have to search for the difference.
  • 199 Things series — 199 Zoo Animals, 199 Dinosaurs, and more! Awesome picture books for early learning.
  • Big Book of Colors — Want to see a beautiful book? Look no further! It’s also available in Spanish.

For Preschoolers

  • Lifesize — Imagine animals up close … how does your hand compare to a polar bear or your eye to a giant squid? We love playing with this book. It also comes in a dinosaur version, but we don’t have that one yet :)
  • Lift-the-Flap: Why Do Tigers Have Stripes — Usborne has gobs of flap books and trust me, preschoolers love nothing more than peeking inside their books for extra pictures and info. This tiger one is Reid’s personal favorite!
  • Choose Your Own Journey — An interactive adventure book where you follow the path from page to page. Who will win?
  • Mind Your Manners — A book of gentle reminders with darling animals.
  • Nibbles series — For years I’ve looked at the Nibbles books and ignored them. But, we just got the bundle (which includes Nibbles the stuffed animal) and my 2 1/2 and 4 year old are obsessed!

For Early Elementary Readers

  • Dogs In Space — We’re studying space this year at co-op so grabbing this book was a given. Did you know dogs have actually been in space?
  • Poppy and Same Telling the Time — Max, my first grader, was really resistant to practicing telling time. This book turned his angst into fun!
  • Bug Hotel — If you have bug lover, don’t miss this book!
  • Shine-a-Light series — If you kids are antsy, tuck them in a dark room with a flashlight and a stack of Shine-a-Light books! Every page has a secret waiting to be
  • Bug In a Rug and other phonics books — Early readers need lots of practice. These phonics books are A+! Available as a set or individually.

For Confident Readers

  • Illustrated Classics — I think we have six or seven of these now. We use them as our family read alouds. They are GORGEOUS! Take note of which ones are hardback vs. paperback. Max is most excited to dive into Norse Myths next :)
  • 100 Things To Know series — We have the food one and the rest are on our wish list. For kids with questions, these are gold!
  • Bear Grylls Challenge series — When these arrived, Jemma immediately asked if she could keep them in her room. The kids often watch Bear Grylls You Vs. Wild TV show and these books bring lots of that to life.
  • Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls — Have you ever heard of Kate Crackernuts, Clever Molly, or Tam Lin? We hadn’t either! Which means we’re loving these forgotten fairy tales.
  • 1000 Things series — These books have launched more questions and research projects than I can count.

For the Whole Family

  • What a Wonderful Word — This book features a collection of untranslatable words from around the world. Just lovely. A must buy.
  • The River — I’m a sucker for illustrations and this one’s story matches the beauty of the art.
  • Steve, Terror of the Sea — We all love a good picture book and this one does not disappoint.
  • Where Happiness Lives — This is a new release and I’m 99% sure it will be a favorite here.
  • All About Feelings — Perfect conversation starter because kindness and empathy starts at home!

Do you have favorite Usborne books too? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. Hannah D says

    The 199 series is totally a hit!