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This isn’t the first time I’ve partnered with CARE and it probably won’t be my last. Because, CARE cares. Which may sound cliche, but it’s true! I love the mission they’re constantly working to fulfill. And I love the longevity of their work. For the last 70 years CARE has worked in 95 countries. Last year they helped 65 million people and perhaps most admirable of all, 90% of every gift goes directly to changing lives. 

This Christmas you and I have the opportunity to give an extra meaningful gift through CARE. A gift that allows young girls like Evelesi and Maliyana to dream big. These girls from Malawi in Southern Africa are sharing their stories and offering big time inspiration through videos at Facebook.com/carefans – don’t miss out, interacting with them will give an amazing peek into their lives and the impact your gift of goats, or books or medical supplies can make.  Each of these girls (and many, many more!) are dreaming big and we can give a gift of lasting change that will directly impact them.



Instead of sending off a plain ol’ donation, CARE has launched a gift catalog that allows you (and your kids!) to choose specific items that allow girls like Evelesi and Maliyana to dream, grow, and succeed.

Browse the entire CARE gift catalog here

care catalog

You can help dreams come true this holiday season for as little as $21! So forgo the eggnog latte and overstuffed stockings and purchase a pair of chickens, 50 bars of soap, or invest in a business venture. These are gifts that will provide lasting change, these are gifts that are more meaningful than we can imagine. 




Max loves that our dollars can send animals to a family and Jemma, my little reader is all about sponsoring library books for refugee camps.What gift from the CARE catalog are you and your kids most excited about giving? Would love to hear your favorites!

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    I love that you’re getting your little ones invested so young in giving back to others. It’s such an important part of Christmas and one of the things that we look forward to the most.