Style File — If I Was a Dress

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When I saw this maternity dress, I knew it was meant to be. Because, if I was a dress, I think this is exactly what I would look like — jewel-toned, floral, suitable for nursing (because that has been for life for as long as I can remember now!), and comfortable but still classy. 

I mean, when something rocks in color and stuns in black and white, you know it’s a keeper. Capsule status, this one is. 

If you’re looking for cute maternity clothes for Mother’s Day, summer fun, your baby shower, or even delivery day (oh yes, they’ve got gems for that too!), look no further than Pink Blush. I’m sure you’ll find something that speaks to your heart and style too!


In other pregnancy news …

My ultrasound is on Monday!

I almost ugly cried to my midwife about all the aches and pains this pregnancy is bringing. We settled on that I need a prenatal massage soon.

Dominic has taken off 2 days of work due to my body falling apart … that is 2 more days than all my other pregnancies combined.

I haven’t gained any weight yet. Blaming this on the stress of moving, three kids, and a bout of illness that swept through this month. So unlike my other pregnancies. I’ve gained close to 40 pounds during each pregnancy before and I really hope my body doesn’t play crazy catch up over the next 20 weeks.

A dear friend recently told me, “Hard pregnancy, easy baby” and that is now my daily prayer for this little bubs. I’m working hard now, so perhaps give me a break later?


Maxi c/o Pink Blush. Second trimester style c/o yours truly … who braved exhaustion and climbed out of her pajamas so she could feel like herself at least once during this brutal fourth pregnancy.


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