All About Building a House, Maybe

Well, we’re maybe building a house.

I say maybe because we haven’t bought property yet (we have a piece in mind that we love though) and we’re still nailing down a design. Oh, and the budget, because apparently it’s a good idea to be smart about finances when it comes to building.

All that to say, we’re much closer to building a house today than we were last month. Yay! And so, that warrants a blog post! I’m trying real hard not to get too ahead of myself with curtain dreams and the kid’s room themes … but I am. It’s just a given. Can’t stop, won’t stop. While Dominic makes calls to chat about well depths and septic details, I’m planning the perfect farm table and falling in love with my jetted soaker bath tub, it’s just how we work. What can I say, we each have a unique skill set.

And hopefully that will make building a house together a grand experience rather than a … well, un-grand one.

house plans

Here’s the real deal though. We’ve maybe built a house before. But it didn’t work out.

Back when I was expecting Max we bought a piece of beautiful, wooded property contingent on a few details. Those details never worked out thanks to the county. So, after spending a few thousand dollars on various tests, applications, and evaluations, we walked away from the property. I still drive by it some times. It isn’t even for sale anymore. And it makes me sad. Because just like now with our new maybe property, I had big dreams for that space. But, it seems that God had better plans for us, and that’s well and good. 

I’m doing my best to go with the flow this round. While crossing my fingers and toes that it all works out this time, of course :)

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  1. Jamie says

    So exciting that you get to dream big!

    • Gretchen says

      Thanks, Jamie! I’m anxiously excited :)

  2. janie vezina says

    how exciting, we’d like to build its all the planning process..