The Heart Behind It All

This is the fourth installment in my mini series, Healthy Mama – read all the posts here! In these few posts I’m chattin’ all about being well in mind, body and spirit. I truly believe it is essential that a mama must take care of herself in order to effectively and meaningfully care for her family. Can I get an amen?

What were you like when you were young? What did you dream of? Hope for?

This was me … 

I spent my spare time planning trips to Europe, researching train routes and thinking through how I would convince my parents to let me stay in a hostel. I carried a journal around everywhere, writing about princesses and jotting down the lyrics to my favorite songs. I’d sing those songs in public places – lines at the mall and while walking downtown – hoping that a talent searcher would find me and ask me to join their Broadway troupe. I started business after business, funding purchases my allowance couldn’t afford. I wrote letters to celebrities asking for their autographs to raise money at our school auction. 
Many of these adventures were alongside my best friend. She knew all the boys I liked, my favorite foods and that I couldn’t wait to grow up. On many occasions I worked to prove to my parents how responsible I was. I watched my sisters and played “school” with them. I made lists of each privilege I hoped to acquire as I aged; the most coveted being getting my ears pierced at age 10.
I think you get the drift. I was a dreamer. I still am. Things well up in my heart and overflow into every part of me. When I set my heart on something, there’s not much that can stop it. 
It doesn’t always mean that it comes to fruition. I mean, my Broadway career never took flight, but it’s still there. The joy of singing and storytelling; the magic of different eras and cultures. Each of my dreams are in some phase of becoming more and more alive. I can’t pour into them all right now, because I’m focusing on my primary role in motherhood. But I can assure you, my heart is full of dreams. They’re tucked away, ruminating, growing and most of all, allowing the Lord to flesh them into what they’re supposed to become. 
Right now, my heart is full of dreams of more children – pregnancies and adoption. A stronger marriage. Travel. Educating my children in life and school and following their own dreams. Empowering and encouraging women in motherhood. Learning about childbirth and breastfeeding. Teaching. Starting a business. Living more simply. Laying a foundation of financial security for my family. Creating. Deeper friendships.
All of this and more, brewing. It’s the heart behind it all. What makes me strive to be well and move forward.
What are you dreaming of? What’s brewing inside of you?
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