A Day In the Life

Regular days.

We have so many of them. Just the normal stuff. The errands and chores. Meals and clean up. Exercise and to do lists. I’d venture to say that it’s what makes up 95% of my life. Often I find myself only wanting to highlight the fun stuff … the projects and outings, the sweet smiles and results of production mode. Because, it’s fun and dishes and carpools aren’t. Amiright?

Not today though, today I thought I would share a regular ol’ peek at our normal days. 

a day in the life of that mama gretchenI attempted to take a photo an hour for a whole day, but as it turns out I’m not that organized. Either that or I have a very poor memory. I suppose I’ll break down our regular day by shifts for a little explanation. Because shifts is how I tend to categorize my days.

Morning …

  • Here we’ve got my favorite quiche of all time. I shared the recipe on Instagram. I promise, it’s a winner. I love hearty breakfasts and aim for eggs or oatmeal most mornings.
  • A walk or run with the double BOB. I love babywearing, really, I do, but my double BOB? I think it’s my #1 baby purchase when it comes to two children. We use it every day.
  • Almost four year olds are my favorite people. The top right photo captures this sentiment perfectly.
  • Two year olds on the other hand … especially mine, give me a run for my money. While I was showering post-breakfast and walk, Max proceeded to throw all my beautifully rolled towels out of the basket and plop himself inside whilst looking at me and saying “what ya gonna do about it?”

Afternoon …

  • By noon I’m warming up lunch while checking email and organizing my to do list. Jemma and Max usually play with their favorite princesses, the train table or these blocks. Now that we’re back in school mode we have to keep a pretty tight schedule so we’re awake from nap in time for school pick up.
  • After lunch … lights out for all! I love and cherish my afternoon naps. (And yes, I had to crack open the black out curtains to snap a photo of snoozin’ Max). Black out curtains + Serenity in our diffuser = a quick and peaceful transition to sleep.
  • After nap we rush to the high school to pick up our international students – no photo there – too busy!
  • Sometimes I’ll squeeze in a quick errand after school because the girls can stay in the car and sing Frozen with Jemma and Max thus making my errands go much quicker. Once we’re home the littles snuggle in with Netflix while I fix dinner. Do you think they’ll swap afternoon “responsibilities” with me someday?

Evening …

  • I become quasi presentable (which obviously warrants a mama selfie) before jetting off with Jem to swim class. Max and Dom revel in guy time :)
  • Then I sit in peace for 30 whole minutes near the pool which feels like sauna while Jem fulfills her dream of being mermaid.
  • This particular evening, Dominic manned the bedtime routine and I ran errands ALONE. See my freak out face? This DOES NOT happen everyday, but today it did sooooooo … hello Target and Old Navy! I came home just in time to kiss Jem goodnight and nurse Max to sleep. 

Second Evening/Post Bedtime …

  • I’ve been mixing up essential oil blends for easier application. Wake Up + Focus is a new favorite blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint! I’m also taking orders for my Slumber Baby Sleep blend in a 10ml roller ball. Email me if you’re interested in one at thatmamagretchen@gmail.com. They work out to be just $23 shipped and last a good 3-4 months!
  • Last, but not least, here’s evidence of my second evening splurge. I just couldn’t resist. Happy early birthday to me :)

There you have it. The hum drum, normal life of That Mama Gretchen.

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  1. says

    That T-shirt! I have a similar one in black. So comfy. And I'm a big fan of documenting a random day every now and then. it'll be a fun thing for you to look back on in a few years, when your day-to-day has changed in big (and little) ways.

    • says

      I seriously love it! Found it on Old Navy's clearance and it's super soft and just the perfect slouch :)

  2. says

    I love this! I've been meaning to document a day of my own and now I'm inspired to actually do it. =]
    Also, those books are so pretty!

  3. Gretchen says

    Hi! What oils are in the Slumber Baby Sleep blend?