The Rear View Mirror

Do you use the Voice Memo app on your phone? I’ve been utilizing it quite a bit lately to keep track of things, add things to my to do list and speak potential blog posts.

Then, at night, I’ll open it up and listen to myself talk (which sounds so funny – I’ll never attempt to be on the radio that’s for sure!). I’ll transcribe to dos onto my real list and type blog posts. It makes me happy. It makes me happy because I’m able to relive precious moments I may have forgotten. 

Moments like this …

Four years ago I would look in my rear view mirror and see a bucket car seat. I’d glance in the baby mirror, then glance down at my lap. Well, where my lap used to be. There would be a hiccup or a ferocious kick and I’d pat my baby back. In just a short time, the baby in my belly would be my baby in the backseat.

Then there WAS a baby, a sweet little girl in the backseat. She hated the car. Hated it passionately and she wasn’t afraid to tell me. I’d sing and rock her seat. I’d hush her. No luck. It wasn’t until we moved her into her more upright convertible seat that she began to tolerate car rides. The day we said goodbye to our bucket seat was a miraculous day.

And since then, the happy memories are flying in at record speed. My little princess, on the brink of 4 chatters the drive away, everyday. She speaks aloud every thought, every emotion, every surprise. When I peek in the rear view mirror I see a beautiful little girl who has grown up before my eyes. In flashes I see the empty seat waiting for a baby, a tiny baby on her way home from the hospital, a crying infant not understanding why car seat safety is important, a happy toddler catching glimpses out her window, a bigger toddler babbling away and waving to every car she sees, a big sister whispering to the new baby crying next to her, a preschooler shouting letters and singing songs and then, almost magically, a full-fledged girl. My little girl. The person who is like me in so many ways who is growing older and wiser every time my eyes float to that tiny mirror.

rear view mirroThe rear view mirror is one of my happy places. It reflects the beautiful changes in my growing children and captures memories I’ll hold onto forever.

Most recently, we loaded into the car and Jem turned to Max and said, “You want to talk to me for a little while?” Oh, she is my child – I’m pretty sure, more like positive, that I say the exact same thing to Dominic. Max grunted in haphazard agreement, just like his Daddy.

With his approval, Jemma started the conversation, “Max, what is your favorite animal? An alpaca? Or a horse? No, no – you like sharks, right? Like your shark party! What is your favorite food? Do you like pancakes like me? What is your favorite movie? Do you like Peter Pan? Ariel? How about ponies … who is your favorite? I will say their names and you say yes or no. Pinkie Pie? Fluttershy? Twilight Sparkle? Princess Celestia?” 

She went on and on. And Max entertained her conversation with neighs and grunts and yeses and nos. And when he had enough, he asked for “woud”. Which is his way of saying “Let’s turn on some loud music.”

I drove and smiled. These are the happy moments I don’t want to forget. Thank you rear view mirror for continuing to give me a glimpse of that precious backseat.

This post was graciously sponsored by The Happy Family. Happiness Happens so don’t forget to pause, look around and remember those happy little moments.

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  1. says

    Oh, beautiful Gretchen, I love this post! So long since I visited your blog: I'm going to try and change that. =)

    • says

      I just spent a long while last week reading back through your posts too! I've been soooo bad at blog reading lately!

  2. says

    Lovely! There was this experience of mine when I look on my rear view mirror, my children are playing and smiling. I just feel that they are very happy and they love each other.