How To Sleep Like a Well-Rested Mom + a Giveaway!

Want sleep advice for your kids? 

This post ain’t for you! Nope, today is all about the mamas! Because mamas deserve sleep. We neeeeeeed sleep. Sleep makes us happy and sleep makes us more productive. Can I get an amen? I mean, let’s be real I can only use so many filters to take away the 5 years of sleep deprivation that are most likely permanently etched onto my face.

Exhibit 1 — raw, real me versus fake, filtered loveliness:

before and after

#TGFF … Thank God For Filters. Lack of sleep has obviously done a number on yours truly!

So, back to the essential known as sleep. Today I’m gonna chatter about how I find my best rest. As a mom I go go go like crazy all day long and then when I get a few precious hours of sleep, even if it isn’t consecutive, it’s important that I make it worthwhile. Because tomorrow is coming full speed ahead!

Here’s a breakdown of my typical issues when it comes to sleep …

  1. I’m a night owl, so I’ve got that working against me. Hi 1am, it’s me, your bestie!
  2. I stink at bedtime routines, but I’m putting forth big time effort this back to school season to reorganize my life and thus, my evenings. Pray for me.
  3. My to do list controls my mind and makes it hard to fall asleep. Anyone else?
  4. I have a baby, a good sleeping baby, but still, I’m up once or twice at night nursing. And have been for almost 6 years now.

I’m working to make things better though. I’m not close to perfect, but I will say, that with a few strategic decisions, I’m on the path to quality rest. Here’s my tips and please, chime in with yours and enter the giveaway below too!

How To Sleep Like a Well-Rested Mom 

Have a Schedule

I’ve read 100 articles about the importance of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day no matter what. Give yourself a realistic bedtime and stick to it. You really don’t need to watch another episode of Fixer Upper, it will be on your DVR tomorrow. Promise.

Shelf Your Screens

Who is guilty of mindlessly scrolling Facebook while laying in bed? Cut screen time before bed and I promise you’ll fall asleep easier. What you do the 30 minutes prior to bed play heavily into the quality of your rest. On a good night, I aim to take a warm bath and read before lights out. Those are the nights that I fall asleep the easiest.

Go Natural

Diffuse essential oils in your bedroom and give Melatonin a try. They’re both 100% drug-free and non-habit forming. I love natural options that support better sleep! See which type of Natrol is best for you, Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve or Natrol Advanced Sleep, and grab a coupon here if you like!

Don’t Be Afraid of Cosleeping

Have kids that won’t sleep? Tired of being woken up night after night? Bring them into bed with you. Practice safe cosleeping, of course. Sometimes little ones just need a warm body and cozy environment. If your bed is too small, sidecar a crib or add another mattress on the floor in your room. Dominic and I have always said that our night time goals are more sleep for everyone and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to make that happen.

Prep Your Body For Sleep

Drink lots of water. Cut caffeine. That means late night chocolate! Don’t have coffee too late in the day. Exercise in the evening. Keep a to do list on your nightstand so you can quickly write down pesky thoughts and let them go. 


Bottom line — sleep is important! Moms need rest and you, my friend, need to sleep like a well rested mama because your family is counting on you! 

If you’re interested in trying out Melatonin, enter the giveaway below and in early September I’ll mail off a bottle of Natrol to one lucky lady!

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  1. says

    Agreed… as the woman who is currently awake and desperate at 430 am, reading before I go to bed is a life safer! I didn’t and the hubs is snoring like a freight train. #ohwell

  2. Bianca says

    I didn’t realize melatonin had so many benefits!

  3. Ashley Perez says

    This would be great to have!

  4. says

    These are great tips! I love taking melatonin to help me sleep!

  5. LaTanya says

    The most common side effects associated with melatonin include headache, stomach discomfort, morning grogginess, daytime “hangover” or feeling of a “heavy head”.