Summer Bucket List

Welcome summmmmmeeeeerrrrrrrr!

June has been the most beautiful EVER and this week holds the first official days of summer. It’s going to be a jam-packed, memory-making, super-fabulous summer if you ask me. Here’s our 2014 Summer Bucket List!

What are your grand, or fun and simple, plans for the summer?

2014 SUMMER BUCKET LISTWhip Up Homemade Popsicles

These ones, oooooo yum! Pin it here.

Visit the Splash Pad

We have a squirting fountain downtown and a new spash pad is opening one city over, hoping to make it to at least one, or both!

Hatch a Butterfly

I thought this would be an interactive cap to our homeschool preschool year. I ordered our larvae here.

Visit Northwest Trek

It’s like a zoo, but for animals of the Northwest. And there is a tram ride. Sign me up :)

Go on a Family Swim

Jemma has been in swim lessons for 3 months now and has progressed so much. Due to the time, Dominic has only seem videos of her swimming so we’re planning to catch a family swim soon.

Visit the Disney Store

I’ve been bitten by the Disney bug, but it’s just not time for us to take a vacation there. So, I think we’ll live it up with a simple Disney store adventure.

Go Berry Picking

We picked buckets of blueberries last year and Jem still talks about it! She’s already on a countdown to August when the u-pick will be ready for us.

Finish Jem’s Room

Her room is pretty haphazard right now, I have lots of ideas and it all starts with some fresh, white paint and gold polka dots! Although, I can’t decide if I want them splattered or symmetrical

Take Family Photos

 Max was an itty bitty the last time Christine took professional photos and they were just of him. It’s time for some fresh family ones! I’ve scoped out an abandon warehouse building for a photo shoot, but may switch to a more lifestyle shoot at home. I need to decide and get it on the calendar soon!

If I’m organized at all, hopefully I’ll manage a recap at the end of summer to share our bucket list adventures!

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    Ooh, fun! I just did a summer bucket list of my own!