28 Innings … Wait, Years

And just like that, the guy I fell in love with at 20 is now 28! Happy Birthday, Dominic!

To celebrate we used our tickets from ScoreBig to catch a Mariners game last week on a Seattle date night. We attempted to hit the ballpark food favorites, most of which disappointed, but we did see some Seahawks draft picks, so that made up for it! Dominic even got retweeted by one of them!

seahawks and DomI was so nervous after asking them if they were Seahawks and if they’d take a photo with Dominic, hence the blurry photo.

We bickered on the drive because I made us late and what good date doesn’t have a minor fight? We’re not the only ones, right? This marriage thing is still so tough sometimes! After finding decent parking and walking into the stadium all was well again — I mean, our seats were really close to the Dippin’ Dots stand so who wouldn’t be happy?

Yes, if you haven’t yet guessed my intentions on going to the game … f-o-o-d.

The Astros played the M’s. And won thanks to a whole bunch of runs in the 8th inning. Dominic assumed this would happen because King Felix wasn’t pitching. It was throwback night so everything was 70’s theme, which I enjoyed. Can you guess how much Dominic and I have in common when it comes to sports? I’ll toss this batting average at ya — .148. That equates to about nothing. He’s an avid fan, understands it all and soaks up the plays. I, on the other hand, am all about the EXPERIENCE … snacks, outfits, conversation. We make quite the pair :)

I told him next birthday he could take a friend instead, but he said he’d pick me again, because even though I annoying talk through the whole game and ask the same questions I asked at the prior game, I’m still the most fun.

He’s pretty fun himself … and I’m sure blessed to be celebrating another birthday with him. Here’s to many more!

us marinersphoto 5

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  1. says

    I totally just LOL'd at this post! I loathe baseball, but last year we were invited to attend an Indians game with my in-laws. I took the kids to the lake and Matt went to the game. When he came home, he could tell me nothing about the opposing team, the score or anything game related. Instead I heard about alllllll the food options! His father had gotten tickets through Modern Woodmen and so they had one of those clubhouse booths with all you can eat tickets for food. This year when the invite came again, he could hardly wait to sign up… but we will be on vacation. :)

    Ps. Thanks for the link love on your Currently post!

    • says

      I mean, food is a HUGE part of the baseball experience! I totally want to go to one of the club levels some day :)