Mama’s Day

Saturday night we were driving home from a BBQ and as the kiddos were drifting off to sleep Dominic was explaining the concept of Mother’s Day. He ended with, “It’s really important that we celebrate Mama and show her our love and appreciation. Jemma, what would it be like if we didn’t have Mama?” She thought for a few seconds and replied, “Not nice!” We laughed and heard snoring shortly after :)

So, we woke up on Sunday and rushed our little selves off to church where I promptly spilled my entire grande on the carpet thanks to a “oh-my-goodness-happy-mother’s-day” hug with a friend. Eh. What mama needs coffee anyway?

We adventured to Rainforest Cafe to get that themed restaurant Disneyland feel. Jem thought it was awesome, Max was totally weirded out. I bought these, but a different wash and mine have hole-y knees. And then I lost Jemma at Nordstrom. I repeat, I lost my child on Mother’s Day :/ Here’s my Facebook lament …

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 12.31.14 AMIMG_2842 IMG_2843When my heart stopped beating 400 minutes later we drove home and marched off to the nature trail. Jemma wouldn’t walk for parts of it, lest she get DIRT on her fancy, new shoes. Max, on the other hand, ran towards each spot of mud while yelling “MARCH” and laughing. Yep, those are my little munchkins in a nutshell.

We spied a turtle and a bazillion swimming newts and Max demanded mama milk. It doesn’t always look this glamorous to nurse a toddler, but apparently while on the nature trail on Mother’s Day, it does.

Here is an onslaught of all my favorite pictures from our adventure also known as “keeping our eye out for cougars”. There were signs posted everywhere that there had been a siting on the 7th and I was feeling hyper vigilant after the whole Nordstrom fiasco.

IMG_2861 IMG_2872 IMG_2896 IMG_2898 IMG_2921 IMG_2981 IMG_2982 IMG_2983Yes, yes, Dominic is missing, I know. After lunch, he buzzed home to finish working on our backyard fence. The gate has been takin’ far far too long, but it’s done now :) And, he managed to whip up all this too …

IMG_2900 IMG_2901Not pictured – MY LILAC BUSH! I’ve loved lilacs forever and always and Dominic is planting one near our back door so I can open the screen and let the scent float into the house and turn my housecleaning into a Snow White sing along :) The fire extinguisher — that’s another thing that has been on my wish list. I’m all about practicality apparently. Seeing that my fire extinguisher was paired with chocolate, wine and flowers. Practical. Essential. Livelihood for another year of mothering.

Best of all, an addition to my Mother’s Day Journal featuring mama, grass, a butterfly and sun light :)

It was a happy, happy Mother’s Day. I am so blessed, encouraged and excited, albeit tired, for another year with this crew!

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  1. pierogiemama says

    AHHH We are Mother's Day twinsies for a second year in a row!!! Adam and the girls got me a lilac bush for under our bay windows!!!

  2. Loyal RUN says

    Oh goodness. I need to have a talk with my children about what to do if they get lost because that would be so scary!
    And oh my, his lil face is the cutest when he wants something! haha