Fences Are Poppin’ Up All Over

Pop, pop, popchips! The’yre the fab sponsor of today’s post and I’m super happy to have partnered with them! In a roundabout way, popchips gave me a fence! Read on, my friends, you’ll see what I mean.

Becoming a homeowner whilst living on a single income means one thing – delayed gratification. It’s a good lesson. A lesson in contentment, a lesson in savings, negotiating, hard work and all that jazz. The Joneses ain’t got nothing on us because we’re not even trying to keep up.

All that to say, the day has finally come and the “special projects” budget line item has finally announced that this lil’ ol’ family is getting a fence! A BONA FIDE FENCE FOR BACKYARD PLAY AND MERRIMENT! Yippee!

fence 1

It couldn’t be coming at a better time. Max’s little heart is aching to be outdoors at all times and Jemma chose our final homeschool unit of the year to be “worms, clouds and trees”. Obviously, outside time is in order. Plus, it has been in the 80’s this week and mama needs those munchkins to march their bums outside and play until they’re ready to nap. Wait, I mean … “frolic in the fresh air under my watchful eye until I serve up a delightful picnic of kale and bean sprouts that my children eagerly consume before drifting off to sleep and dreaming of dragonflies”.

Reality check — things fall somewhere in the middle of all that. A little leave me alone and a little let’s picnic, munch on these guys and play hide and seek together :) Balance, motherhood is such a fine balance.

Now, back to the fence. It started last weekend and will hopefully, cross your fingers and toes, be finished this weekend. Dominic recruited a few coworkers to help and we’re so blessed by their willingness to serve our family. Seriously, thank you guys!!! As a meager thank you I planned a hearty breakfast and thumbs-up lunch and look what it got me …

fence 2 fence 3 fence 5 fence 6fence 8 fence 7That’s right – fences are poppin’ up all over and I’m giving some credit to the yummy popchips I included in our lunch spread! They were a hit! The guys loved both the barbeque and sea salt potato flavors and popchips now come with 15% more in each bag. Boom! More bang for your buck. Or in my case, more fence for my sanity :) I love popchips. They love me (no trans fat, synthetic color, no cholesterol, gluten free). I love my soon-to-be fence from my hunky husband. He loves me because project progress brings peace and peace brings more games while sitting on the couch snacking on leftover popchips. See all the love? We’re writing a modern day love story here in the Pacific Northwest.

Nab a coupon for your own bag o’ popchips here and enter to win a pop-worthy date night by sharing what you love about popchips. There are 6 weekly drawings which seems like pretty good odds to me! I’m not usually a chip person, but I love the crisp, airy texture of popchips and especially appreciate the lack of grease and overpowering flavor dust. I’m sure you and your fam will love them too!

Stay tuned for final fence photos — all summer long :) We’ll be living it up in our new outdoor space! Well, the kids and I will be. Dominic is moving on to special project #4387 as soon the budget says “GO!” #workbench #entertainmentcenter #kitchentable #everythingelsepinteresttellsmetodo

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  1. That Dad Dominic says

    Those Pop Chips were really good which I did not expect. And, I love that they have so many flavors!