Have you downloaded the OBaby app for iPhones – love it!

Shoveling /// toys to and fro with a focus on minimizing and organizing. I’m curious, what’s your toy philosophy?

Ignoring /// my sewing stash. It’s been a year now since I worked on any projects :( I seem to go in sewing phases and right now, I’m not in one. It’s sad, but I know I’ll move into a sewing season again someday.

Inhaling /// OnGuard via my diffuser. Heaven sent.

Hugging /// my littles. Of course. I’ve been reading Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids and it is by far my most favorite parenting book I’ve ever read. Well, listened too. I snagged it from the library on audio. It’s chalk full of wisdom and thus far one of my favorite quotes is, “Children need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance and 12 for growth.”

Throwing /// my arms up and planning only lovey dovey fun things for the kids and I tomorrow. I think employers should consider Valentine’s Day a paid holiday so Dom can join us!

A few links to share …

  • Would you look at that? A homeschooling Seahawk.
  • Swooning over these from Gipsy Dharma, and so many colors to choose from! 
  • I’ll be having a little instasale with some gently used, handmade and vintage treasures soon – follow @tmgcloset on Instagram to stay updated!
  • This doesn’t surprise me.
  • Plan ahead for Monday!
  • New favorite reads: here + here
  • I’m detoxing from mainstream deodorant – it was time to take the natural plunge and I’m loving this.
  • This mama whips up maternity clothes like it’s going out of style – I love this piece she made! Yes, made!
  • I’m so excited for this mama and her journey across the country and in parenting – big things are happening for her and her family! Don’t miss out!
  • The most beautiful, lovely, perfectly colored scarf I shared on Instagram is on sale! Actually, so many gems are on sale – plan ahead for Mother’s Day or treat your self :)
  • I love home tours!
  • What do you think of these? Love ’em or hate ’em?
  • Today is day for selfies.

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    1. says

      So blessed! Toy philosophy somedays is: if it's under my feet it's in the donation bag. Ha. Other days it's pick and choose which things can go unnoticed into the donation bag. Ummm. it's a constant state of toy removal and yet I always feel like we have a full toy store worth of things. I try to only buy used toys that hold some kind of special charm and as far as new, only craft supplies. Our house is still a tornado of toy garbage though :/ I blame grandparents.

    2. ThatMamaGretchen says

      Those grandparents! So wonderful, but yes, many of our toys come from there too :)