#washitapelove /// my people and the OBaby photo app, all super /// little miss serious /// pretty french toast + this casserole

Owning /// too much. I’ve been setting up our school space which has resulted in a mass purge of toys, books and other mountains of things we don’t need but somehow cart around.

Wearing /// this soon.

Thinking /// about springs rolls (my mama and I are going on a date tomorrow!), my reorganized Pinterest boards, maybe selling a few mama baby pieces on Instagram (keep an eye out here) and how funny Jemma has been lately – she wants us to have a baby girl and thinks we should name her Sleeping Beauty or Dopey :)

Drinking /// hot cocoa, specifically almond milk + Ovaltine.

Dancing /// to the Frozen soundtrack. Like everyone and their mutha :)

A few links to share …

  • Ya’ll know I love me some Kate Middleton. Well, since Joules is a British brand, I feel all “Kate” when I shop, pin and pine after their pieces. They’re having a pretty big sale now too!
  • I wish I could have so eloquently written this about outfit posts.
  • I’ve partnered with Out of Alabaster and she’s currently working on Max’s silhouette – I’m waiting with baited breathe!
  • If you haven’t read this yet, it’s a must.
  • Have you taken the challenge?
  • Are you a crunchy mom? I got a 26 :)
  • Potty learning a strong willed child :: raising hand wildly here ::
  • If you ask her, Jem says her favorite food is a pancakes … I’m going to try out these protein pancakes for brekkie soon!
  • I love everything about this. Everything.
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  1. Laura Burns says

    I totally bought a pair of "wellies" because they look *just* like what Kate wears :) And a lady at Kroger noticed my awesome choice! Also, Frozen is on here too; Sylvi in her Princess Elsa dress (that is already ripping! stupid cheap costumes) and runs around "making ice castles". This age is the BEST!!!!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Such a simple thing with amazing results!