All in a Monday

I’m on day two of my mini vacation. What vacation, you ask? The vacation where I only have one kiddo as my charge!

Dominic’s family flew in from Texas this weekend and he and Jemma packed up to meet them in Portland for a few days. I stayed behind with Max since long car rides are not his cup of tea. The whole family will be heading back towards me tomorrow, so it won’t be quiet for long. But, for now, I’m settling in for a relaxing evening.

Yes, my alone time is starting at 10:45 pm, but that is the life of a busy mama! Today I bathed Max, grocery shopped, bought a new sweater for our family pictures later this week (I almost had a postpartum meltdown trying to find something in my closet so something new was in order for my sanity), bought some Christmas gifts, made some Christmas gifts, made two desserts (monster cookies and peanut butter pie), two crockpot meals (lasagna and white bean chicken chili), folded countless loads of laundry, changed sheets on three beds, set up two guest rooms, and ordered these sweet boots!

But, the point of my post was to share my midnight wonderings not to rattle off my to-do list no matter how interesting it might be … ha. Here it is:

I’ve always been fascinated with names. I remember dreaming of what I would name my kids as early as third grade. Back then, my first daughter was to be named Chrysanthemum. I had a true fascination with ALL flower names. I’m happy I grew out of the flower phase … at least the odd flower names.

As I was nursing Max to sleep I was thinking of names that go well with Jemma and Max for future siblings. I mused about names over at Baby Gizmo the other week too. This led me to think of the families who choose names that all start with the same letter. The Duggars do and I know a few others.

After Jemma if we would have committed to J’s I think I would have gone with Jones for a boy … for Max. Then, if we welcome a little girl next, I would pick Jane. Jemma, Jones, and Jane. Pretty cute, huh?

Then I played around with M’s to match up with Max. Jemma could have been Meredith. I’ve loved that name since before Grey’s Anatomy. Max would stay Max and another girl could be Margaret (after my sister), although, I think we’d call her Madge. Meredith, Max, and Madge … what a bunch!

But, in real life I felt much too limited in sticking with just one letter. Hence, we have our darling Jemma and Max!

Back in real life, tomorrow I’m planning to sleep in with Max a bit. Morning snuggles just can’t be beat. Then, we’ll be up and at ’em to finish laundry and make scrumptious cornbread to go with our chili.

Cornbread Cake
Mix 2 boxes of Jiffy cornbread according to directions. In a separate bowl, mix 1 box of Duncan Hines butter golden cake mix. Combine the two batters together and spread into a sprayed 9×13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 min. It’s done when a toothpick comes out clean so keep an eye on it!

We had this cornbread at small group the other week and I asked for the recipe since it was SO GOOD. Seriously, best cornbread I’ve ever had!

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’m going to watch Revolution (still loving that show) and edit sweet pictures of my boy. Pictures like this :)

Max – I’m so blessed to have you as mine!

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  1. Bianca says

    There is nothing sweeter than wrist rolls and squishy cheeks.