26 Things About Me

Dom and I on a somewhat birthday date

Last month I turned 26. On the 5th to be exact. It was a Friday which meant I did what I do every Friday … hanging with my two munchkins, hoping for a peaceful nap time and minimal diaper explosions. It’s a charmed life, why yes it is.

The troops were awfully sweet to me (also known as … I took a hot shower) and one of my besties was visiting from Idaho! Mallory and I planned her visit to coincide with my birthday over the summer and it timed perfectly with Max snuggles too.

Dominic made birthday pancakes (my current food obsession) for breakfast and then Mallory and I cleaned up the house for Jem’s party which was the following day. The hubbies joined us for a tikka masala lunch (complete with naan and rice pudding … yum!) and then we laid low for the remainder of the day. At 9pm the party began when my sis, Hannah arrived from her 6 hour drive home from college. We grilled carne asada for tacos and the whole family visited in the kitchen while Hannah made the delectable chocolate cobbler (must share this recipe soon – kind of like lava cake, but better).

In honor of my 26th year I thought I would share 26 things about me since I’ve gained quite a few new readers since my Sunday Confessional posts.

  1. At Starbucks I order a decaf soy cinnamon dolce latte with whip
  2. The scent Wild Honeysuckle from Bath and Body Works reminds me of the summer Dominic and I were engaged – I fell in love with it and constantly had the candles burning and the lotion in my purse (I haven’t bought any since as I’m trying to cut unhealthy beauty products, but as a part of this self-improvement initiative I’m not being wasteful and using what I have left)
  3. If Max had been a girl I think I would have named her Ivy
  4. If Jemma would have been a boy I wanted to name him Wilder
  5. I would love to take a vacation to Maine, have you ever been there? Is it as wonderful as it seems?
  6. Some days I miss getting ready in my former work clothes, especially some of my LOFT dresses
  7. Ree Drummond is my kitchen idol, well, all except for the fact that she said shredded cheese is against her religion … I swear by the ease of shredded cheese
  8. I’m not an outdoorsy kind of gal, I strongly dislike camping and prefer to experience the outdoors from inside (open window, cozy chair, and a book is perfect for me)
  9. My prime productivity hours are between 10pm and 1am, it’s rough because Jem is up and at ’em between 6-7am
  10. Manatees have been my favorite animal since 3rd grade when I wrote an endangered species report on them
  11. I can’t wait to take Jemma and Max to Disneyland … I’m planning to pre-buy Disney clothes and toys (via thrift shops and consignment sales) and have a little present waiting for them every morning before we leave for our park adventures
  12. Sewing is my favorite hobby, I’m super excited to have a sewing table at the new house so my machine and serger can be set up at all times
  13. I’m left handed
  14. eBay is one of my favorite places to shop
  15. I think I was a wet nurse in my former life
  16. I used to hate pastels, now I love them. Especially when they are paired with cream or lace.
  17. I added some new scarves to my Etsy shop and I have more upcycled fabric cut and ready to sew, Lord, grant me some spare time :)
  18. Giving birth at home is one of my proudest moments in life so far
  19. I am not an animal person – I feed and clean up after enough people, I don’t have any desire to add pets to my list of responsibilities
  20. I let Jemma climb on almost everything, I wonder if this is a parenting error, but I figure if she can learn to safely climb I won’t have to worry as much about her falling … as much
  21. I have tried to get into a yoga routine so. many. times. It hasn’t happened yet :( Someday
  22. One of my worst habits is ripping my finger nails, I’m prone to ripping whenever I’m nervous or anxious about something :(
  23. Wedges are my most favorite type of shoe – they are the perfect mix between heels and flats, hence the win-win
  24. There is no doubt in my mind that the crockpot is the best kitchen invention ever
  25. I avoid talking on the phone at all costs
  26. The day is not complete until I have dessert, even if that means I gobble down a little handful of frozen dark chocolate chips, yum!
What’s a little something you’d like to share about yourself?
Tell me and leave your blog link too so I can stop by for a visit! 

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  1. says

    Happy Belated Birthday! So, a couple things…Maine is absolutely as amazing as it seems and you should totally go there. And I hate talking on the phone and I rip my nails, too! Let's be friends.

  2. says

    Happy Belated!! A little something about me…I always order drip coffee. I know. boring right?

  3. says

    Love the name Ivy, that's on our short list for girls :). Something about me? I'm incredibly impulsive and once I get something in my head I must.do.it.NOW!

  4. says

    Love these lists… honestly, makes me feel like I actually get to know you! Anyway, something about me… I am addicted to office supplies in the worst way!

  5. says

    Something about me: I have to be deathly ill to not be dressed with make-up on. Not because I'm so amazing, but because I feel better about myself if I at least have clothes on and a little make-up. In fact, if I'm looking particularly cute, it could mean the day has been rough already and I need to be in control of at least one thing around me. http://www.rainydayinparadise.blogspot.com

  6. Scott and Jamie Durh says

    Something about me: I love to read. But, if I start a book that I find boring or poorly written, I still feel compelled to finish it. Wasted many hours on books that I really didn't like but HAD to finish! :) http://www.scottandjamiedurham.blogspot.com

  7. Bianca says

    I agree about dessert…I was known as "two dessert Tarleton" during my preggy days! about me… Although I absolutely love to bake, you'll see baking spikes when I am stressed or angry. I guess it's my way of putting negative energy into good. By the time my treat is out of the oven, my bad mood has lifted. If not- a slice of cake might do the trick! http://www.Thepierogiemama.blogspot.com

  8. says

    When I eat cereal, I pour the milk in first and slowly add cereal until the milk is gone :) I HATE soft cereal!

  9. Kathy says

    Tea is my most favorite beverage. I drink about 5 cups EVERYDAY!

  10. Hannah says

    Hmmmm…I drink my first cup of coffee in the shower. It's my favorite place :)

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