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It’s been such a long time since I’ve word dumped a big ol’ life update. So, here goes …
Life is so full right now. So full and so beautiful. Jemma and Max are awesome – like, I really enjoy just being with them. Which, yes, means there have been seasons where I have not liked being their 24/7 person. Everyday Jemma wakes up and asks me where we’re going … “any ‘ventures?” (adventures). Max, the little homebody, glares as if to say, “don’t you dare take my away from my castle where I can run free in my Tarzan outfit”.
Forced selfies of the blurry variety
Most of March was spent with extended family who visited from the land of Texas. I have pictures to share – so many, but I’m being a lazy photo editor and they’re all trapped on my phone. We ate gooooood food, hit some tourists traps, celebrated Frozen’s release and forewent all regular schedules. Jemma thrived in all the surprises, Max hated it. So much so that during one adventure he gagged himself on a burger bun and tossed the contents of his tummy into an empty burger boat as if to say, “Moooooom, take me home lest I make these outings really interesting”. How it all landed in the burger boat, you ask? I earned gold in barf catching from the Mom Olympics, that’s how. Jemma cried when everyone left and has talked about her aunt, uncle and cousin every day since. She has even asked that she visit “TEX-us for Christmas becuzzz it make me weally weally HAPPY!” Yeah, girlfriend has no concept of money yet.
Although, she is doing some extra chores to earn commissions (via the kid’s Dave Ramsey plan) to order Belle Movie (Beauty and the Beast). Stinkin’ Disney has it locked in the vault and new copies are listed on Amazon for upwards of $85! I think I’ll end up ordering a used copy, but they’re still almost $30! So… if you have a Beauty and the Beast DVD laying around – give me a deal :) Well, either Belle Movie or this overpriced Pinkie Pie bubble blowing machine she saw at Walgreens earlier this week. Oh the priorities of a preschooler.
Let’s see, other happenings … I’ve almost completed a whole Bible study session now that Max doesn’t full meltdown in childcare. He wails through check in, but shakes it off and ends up having fun. I mean, it is usually pretty cool being the big ol’ snuggly kid who has a belly laugh. Jemma loves “threes class”, obviously, because it’s like an adventure.
I cleaned out my closet and have a few things to post in my Instagram shop before hauling it to the consignment shop. I’m lamenting some boots I decided to part with, but know I need to simplify. Less is more, less is more. If you’re a size 8, watch @tmgcloset – I NEED them to go to a good home. It feels so good to have my side of the closet organized with access to things that fit decently. I moved all maternity clothes into tubs in the garage and also created a “Gretchen’s alternate size” tub for too big pieces that I still love but that don’t currently fit. This made way for a handful of new things that I’m excited to wear. And believe it or not, none of my new purchases were of the yoga variety! Two blouses, a pair of skinnies, TOMS wedges from that Zulily sale and a matching pair of jammies. On the shopping note, I adore TJ Maxx.
House projects are massively underway. Dominic is building and staining shelves, I need to pick out brackets. Pause so I can add that to my to do list. Blinds arrived in the mail from – we’ve been outfitting rooms with blinds as our budget allows and I’m so excited to partner with to showcase their fab blinds and give you a peek of the living room. It has changed so much since I first shared photos! You all saw the school room – don’t forget the Mohawk rug giveaway – and next up is our fence. The project I’ve been dying to begin! Fence day is on the calendar and our summer is going to be AMAZING. We’re already planning Max’s Sharktastic BBQ.
On the bad news front, Jemma has this ring of what I’m assuming is plaque on one of her front teeth. She hated her last dentist visit with a passion, but I’m working her up to going in soon. Say a prayer for her. I know plaque (or God forbid a cavity) is not the end of the world, but it’s seriously stressing me. Feels like a mom failure :(
Our local JBF consignment sale is next week (yippee!) and I’m going to see Divergent with my main mama pal one afternoon too. With a Happy Hour stop for good measure. And it’s my sister’s Spring Break. Good times this coming week. Busy, but good. Great really. I kinda love busy … as long as I get my nap every day. Which I do, sooooo win win win win ’round these parts.
What’s something exciting you have on the horizon?

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  1. says

    Yay! House Projects! I'm wanting to build a bookshelf, or two, for the house. Hopefully my visions turn into realities :)

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Bookshelves are on our list too! I really want to wallpaper the back of them so there is something pretty peeking out :)

  3. says

    Can I just say I feel like I know you better after reading just one blog post than I did after following you on Instagram for a couple months? This is why I love blogs. I just love words. :)

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I agree 100% – I love follower my favorite IGers on their blogs too. More words, more pictures, more everything :)