I’m a Real Housewife

Have you discovered Savannah Smiles? It’s a pretty fabulous place full of encouragement and joy. Earlier this year Savannah started a feature called The Real Housewives Project which is totally real and awesome! In March, I shared my two cents – hope you like checking out my dirty dishes :) Just keepin’ it real!
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I was so excited when Savannah asked me to participate in The Real Housewives Project! I hope you get a kick out of my real life moment at home – yoga pants with no plan for yoga, un-stylish top bun, a sick child glued to my hip, and a sink full of too many dishes :)

Since becoming a stay-at-home mama last September I have struggled with perfection. I had Pinterest ideals of a lovely home, 3 course meals, hip mama/baby outfits, and of course, the perfect blog that attracted hundreds of followers. Instead, I’ve yet to find a real sync in my new life and with a second baby on the way, I’m hesitant to believe I’ll ever find my groove!

But, I promise I’m trying – striving for a realistic plan, not perfection. This last weekend I got super organized … I made a simple meal plan, wrote out a realistic to-do list, and prayed I would have the strength, determination, patience, and every other good virtue to have a successful week. Then my sweet girl came down with a fever and cold :( She tossed and turned all night and our day has morphed into a snuggle movie day.

As we cuddle, I’m reminded of my true calling as a mama. It’s not about folded laundry or a picture perfect family – it’s about growing love, and then teaching my children how to give that love to others.

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  1. libbyuglesich says

    Love this! I am totally struggling today with nothing being ready/or cleaned and Lilah could be here in second! I lost it this morning… I mean balling on the phone to my mom about how there is just so much to do but I am so exhausted because I haven't slept good in {I don't even know how long}. So I am glad I am not alone!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yoga pants for the win! They are just too comfortable to resist … and the kids don't care, so why not? Glad I'm not the only mom in the yoga boat!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    The end is so so so hard! I remember that awful tired feeling and needing to drum up motivation to get the last bits and pieces together. I'll be praying for you!