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Hello Hue Little ThingsThere’s no doubt about it. It’s the little things that make my days memorable. Granted they are also the little things that drive me crazy. But, memorable nonetheless. I mean, if it wasn’t for the little things life would be pretty darn boring.

Looking at these pictures I’m filled with awe at the sweet blessings the Lord has given me. I can’t imagine life without Jemma and Max. And to think, they didn’t exist just a few years ago!

With them, I never know what the days will hold. From early mornings pancake mixing parties (yesterday), to giggle fests (hilarious), to three in a bed nap time snuggles (bliss), to pre-dinner meltdowns (scary) … it’s pretty fantastic. Truly, I wouldn’t trade it. I may pull out my hair and send crazy postpartum emoticons via text to my husband, but I wouldn’t trade it.

A few weeks ago I started tagging some of my Instagram photos with #littlethings as I captured the itty bitty moments of my life. As much as I relish big celebrations, it’s really the day to day minutia that makes my heart sing. The hum drum. The normal. The random. I don’t want to forget these little things. Ever. Like never ever – Taylor Swift style. Then, I stumbled upon Hello Hue‘s “It’s the Little Things” link-up and knew I had to join. I’m excited to start sharing my #littlethings here!

Bear hugs // Jemma has recently learned the sign for “bear”. This led to a conversation about bear hugs and resulted in some surprise bear hugs for Max. One such hug was so full of love and squeezing he spit up a bit of his breakfast!
eBay win // Jem is totally a Toms girl. She received a pair for her birthday – size 6 grey ones. As her feet grew I splurged on a size 7 navy pair. This week, I won these adorable sneakerish Toms in a size 8 on eBay! YAY! And, they were only $18 compared to the regular price of $30. I <3 eBay so much.
Stack attack // I feel like many girls Jemma’s age are pretty connected to dolls. Not Jemma, she has her dog and things she can stack. If it can be stacked, Jemma loves it. Most recently, her Quercetti set, the flamess pillar candles I keep on my nightstand, and our glass storage containers.
Purple // Ah! I scream for two reasons. 1) Jemma has most definitely declared her favorite color as purple. She picks out purple clothes each morning and loves coloring with “purrrrr-ple”. It sounds dumb, but I feel like I knew she would like purple. She just seems like a purple girl. 2) Jemma was gifted smelly markers from her Mimi, and she quickly learned that markers are way more fun than crayons. Markers also glide beautifully on skin. Hence, palm tattoos.

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  1. says

    Those shoes are so freaking cute! Love this post. It's so important to appreciate the little things.