{3} A Square of Little Things

Jeepers! Things have been busy since the calendar turned to December. Lots of handmade Christmas going on around here … if I catch my breathe I’m hoping to post about a few of my projects. I also made it out of the house this week … the kiddos and I went to the library. Woohoo! Max was somewhat quiet on the way there (that is code for we only reached level 2 of car crying) and he had a full on conniption fit on the way home. Alas, ’tis the season. The season of awful car rides. Anyways, we made it to the library, marched up, and would you look at that … the library didn’t open for another 45 minutes. So, we loaded back up and did a wee bit of thrifting to kill some time. Because, hello, what else are you supposed to do with spare time?

Alright, on to my square of little things! I love sharing bits and pieces of the week (even if I don’t manage to get a little things post up every single week … I try, I promise, I try to be consistent). Apparently this week is all about Jemma – she has been a little ham lately, so I guess she just stole the show!

It’s a deer! // Heavens to Betsy! Vintage Bambi sweatshirt? I think yes! Total score from one of my fall consignment shopping trips. $4 people! $4 of awesome! And, might I add that Jemma picked out this entire outfit herself. Right down to the sparkly purple shoes and the sweatshirt that makes her shriek – IT’S A DEER!

Downtown dog // You just had to be there. Jemma and Daddy heading home for naps after Small Business Saturday shopping. She opted not to ride in the stroller and instead, walked a good 1/4 mile pulling her little dog toy and holding Dominic’s hand. Dominic said one couple walked really slow behind them for awhile and when he offered to let them pass, they said they preferred to walk slow behind so they could watch Jemma. Yep, she’s that cute!

Little engineer // Every day we build. Next to puzzles, it is definitely Jemma’s favorite activity.

Struttin’ // Off to the mail we go! As long as it isn’t pouring, Jem, Max and I bundle up and walk to the mail. Without missing a beat, Jemma sticks to her routine. She rides to the mail box (on her bike or on the stroller kick plate) and she walks back – struttin’ her stuff. When I Instagrammed this pic I wrote “She used to be in my tummy #wherehasthetimegone” and it is so true. So stinkin’ true. I mean, a little hoodie with vest, ponytail, and rain boots? Where are the baby sleepers? She is such a big, little girl! My heart can hardly handle it.

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  1. Carrie says

    Visiting from the linkup, what a sweet picture of Daddy, doggie, and your cute little girl!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. says

    That toy looks like so much fun! What is it?

  4. Jess Gougeon says

    I can totally picture her pulling that little dog down the street- that is the SWEETEST! And I'm jealous of the bambi sweatshirt. We never manage to find anything too amazing for the kids when we go thrifting. :(

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thrifting is totally hit or miss! I seem to do the best at consignment shops/sales. Just Between Friends sales are my favorite – do you have one near you?