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Reading Kaity’s blog makes me thrilled to have a little man – her boys are the cutest and I learn so much from her natural and toddler fun posts! I’m also a big fan of mamas who organize and share their cloth diaper experience.
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Hi there! My name is Kaity, and I blog over at As We Grow!
I’m a mama to two little boys. Tucker who is 1 1/2, and Tanner who is 3 months!
I am also a proud army wife to my handsome soldier, Paul!

Over at As We Grow, I share all of my little secrets to being frugal and natural, tips and tricks to keeping clean and organized, and recipes galore.

I also throw in a bit of cuteness overload of the little ones, and our life day to day! I am all about meeting new people, and finding new and exciting friends through the little {hah!} world of blogging! So come on by and say hello. And if you like the view, stay awhile ;)

Guilty Pleasure Netflix. I can’t get enough of it. It seriously is the best thing ever!

Most prized household tip … oh goodness, I couldn’t even begin to pick a favorite, but all of them are on the blog. My favorite recipe right now though is definitely my homemade crab rangoons.

Two blogs that I have recently discovered and loved … I haven’t discovered anything super new lately, but I love I Heart Organizing, as well as Enjoying the Small Things!

Recent favorite moment as a mama … Tucker ran up to me the other day, kissed me on the lips, and told me “love you mama!” Best moment ever!

3 things on my to do list …

  1. Pack up my house! We move August 5! 
  2. Find new and exciting recipes! 
  3. Plan out some new sensory and learning games/activities for Tucker!
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