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Marie from The {Linc} Between Us is such a sweet mama! Her story is inspirational and I love her heart for adoption. Join me in welcoming her to Meet That Mama!
Hi, I’m Marie and I blog about my life as a 20-something mommy and wife over at, “The Linc Between Us.”  I married my high school sweetheart 6 years ago and we have 2 amazing little boys, Lincoln and Caedmon.  

I started blogging 3 years ago during my scary pregnancy with Lincoln.  You can read more about that crazy experience  here and here.  We saw God’s hand, work in miraculous ways and it has a happy ending with a very active and healthy almost 3 year old :)

so now, on to some questions about me…..
What is one goal you hope to complete in the next year?
Right now my biggest goal is to make it a whole year breast feeding my baby boy, Caedmon.

I made it 6 months with Lincoln and was so glad I made it that long but I’m just taking it one month, one week and even one day at a time :)  I exclusively pumped and bottle fed Lincoln and so this is a whole new experience for me and I had no idea it could be so {relatively} easy!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Brownie batter blizzard’s from Dairy Queen, Vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic and a non-food guilty pleasure that I don’t indulge in very often is getting my nails done.  It just makes me feel pretty :)

Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day would include spending the day playing in our yard/the park with our boys, working on projects around the house with my hubby, a little time for me to go shopping by myself….maybe getting a pedicure, sip some starbucks and end the day with some ice cream on the back patio with my boys :)

What book have you recently read and enjoyed?

Well big surprise here, the last book(s) I’ve read where The Hunger Games.  Wow those books were quite the page turners and I really enjoyed them!  My goal is to read at least one book a month, you can find my list here.  The next one I’m going to start is, Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis.  If you haven’t heard of her you should check out her blog here.  But be prepared, it’s gonna rock your world! She inspires me so much.  
What is one of your favorite products for babies?
There are SOOOO many products that I really love but this is still an easy one to answer.  It’s the Miracle blanket. It’s a swaddling blanket that’s really the best one out there!  Caedmon seriously can’t break free from it during the night and his naps.  
I truly think it helps him sleep better and longer.  It’s the one product that I love so much that it’s my “go to” gift for new moms.  I can’t say enough good things about it!!

What is your most prized household tip?
The best tip I’ve found out there lately is making my own laundry detergent.  

It saves us quite a bit of money and it’s pretty simple to make.  It works great on our clothes and I’ve had no problems using it for both Lincoln and Caedmon’s clothes.  It’s actually really great for them because there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances in it.  I got the recipe off the The Duggar’s website. I did a post on how I made it last fall and I’m still using detergent from that same batch in May! 

3 things that are currently on my to-do list …
my hunk of a husband workin’ hard for me!
  • Paint my living room – going to go with a greige (grey/beige) color with a stenciled accent wall.  I keep putting it off because it’s going to take forever to do and I hate when my house is “out of order.” 
  • Plant my garden – Tyler has put together an awesome raised garden box for me and now I just need to buy some plants and get my first ever garden started!!  Think I can get rid of this black thumb of mine? 
  • Make curtain for Lincoln’s room – Mr. Linc-man has been waking up with the sunrise (which is at 6:30am by the way) so it is time to make him a black-out curtain for his room.  Time to get back to the 8:00am wake up time that he used to have!  I didn’t realize how spoiled I was, that he slept in so late.
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