So, You’re Cloth Diapering a Toddler + A GIVEAWAY!

Darling grey diaper c/o Buttons Diapers

Four years. That’s how long I’ve been in the throws of cloth diapering. I would say the end is in sight. But that would be a big ol’ fib.

I’m 18 months in with my Max, my second CD baby, and I’m here to say that toddler diapering is so different than the roly poly newborn phase. Sometimes, it’s a darn near wrestling match!

Now that I have had experience diapering a toddler girl and toddler boy I thought I’d round up a few tips for managing the transition from tiny fluffy bum to a wild, running one.
Get them, just do. Obviously you don’t need these right off the bat so after you find how much money you’re saving each month (a lot) from your cloth diaper commitment, boost your stash with some doublers in time for your little one’s first birthday. As they begin gaining more awareness and control of their pee I’ve found that kiddos empty their bladder more fully and sometimes overflow a regular insert. A doubler fixes that, and is a great help with nighttime diapering as well. 
I’ve used both hook and look (Velcro) and snaps and although hook and loop is easier when trying to get a snug fit on a newborn, snaps are crucial to keeping a toddler diapered. Because, that’s right, even the most docile 18 month old can un-Velcro their diaper. And that ain’t fun for anyone! With enough effort they can un-snap a diaper too, but it’s less likely.
Can you manage without one? Yes. Do you want to? Not really. As your little one starts eating more table food you’ll notice a transition in their poo. Whether you cloth diaper or not, solids are meant to be flushed (not put in the garbage or washed) and a diaper sprayer helps make that an easier process.
From the very beginning it is ideal to always line dry your diapers, especially covers. Line drying gives the waterproof PUL a much longer life. But, if after a few years find your PUL lacking, never fear, you can give your diapers new life with a layer or two of Atsko Permanent Water Guard. It’s a waterproofing spray and has worked miracles on some second hand diapers I acquired awhile back.
As endless as diapering seems, potty learning comes eventually. Cloth diapering saves a bundle of money and considering cloth pull ups saves quite a bit too. Between year one and two, tuck away some funds and begin researching cloth pull up options.

There you have it — my thoughts on toddlers and cloth diapers. What would you add from your experience?

As my children have gotten larger I find myself gravitating to covers and inserts because I can mix and match the exact absorbency I need. We’ve loved adding Buttons Diapers to our stash and I’m happy to be hosting a giveaway for one of you to experience Buttons Diapers too! My favorite features of Buttons are the double gusset, this is a MUST with covers and the sweet button/snap on the inside for keeping inserts in place. Genius! At 33 pounds, you can see that Buttons are still fitting Max quite well! Excited to try Buttons yourself? Enter below …
This post was sponsored by Buttons Diapers. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    Love the apple! What are some doublers you loved. My son is leaking at night. We use the thirstiest hemp doublers – the worked great for my daughter but my son is a massive wetter at night.

  2. Jennifer of Hawksand says

    We also cloth diaper, I'm all about the all-in-ones! sadly our energy effienct washing machine is a little too agressive with the aggitation and has been rough on my organic cotton diapers, I could use a few more diapers for my stash.

  3. mara88 says

    We have a baby due in June and am going to be cloth diapering. It's so much cheaper and way better for the environment. I would assume nicer on the bums too, I know I like my cloth pads way better than disposables!

  4. Scott and Jamie Durh says

    i like the snow & tangerine colors. love that they are food colors! and thanks for the tip about the waterproof spray. might need to get some of that to shore up some leaky diapers.

  5. Jamie Conrad says

    Great tip about the spray! I'm cloth diapering my second child and did my first. Huge fan and try to convert every new Momma that I can by showing them how easy it is.

  6. says

    I have a boy but I love the lavender buttons diaper! always have <3 purple is my favorite color! also thanks for the toddler tips, it's funny what you say about doublers my son is only 5.5mo and he needs doublers!! all the time. not because I don't change him enough. because he has been a super soaker since before we left the hospital! he has always been a slim baby and woulda have "fit" into newborn disposables for a month or more I'm sure, but he was soaking through them from week one! he does like his milkies :p