watercolor mountains

Doing — some work on toilets. Well, at least I thought it was going to take some work. But it didn’t. I decided to forgo my normal natural cleaning method and put this Scrubbing Bubbles stuff to work. Ya’ll I didn’t even have to scrub! Literally squirted, left it, and flushed 30 minutes later … white and sparkly!

Watching — Outlander. Holy moly. Obsessed. 

Planning — Jem and I’s mother daughter Disneyland trip! I put in for our dining reservations last week and have started a daily schedule of park openings and our loose plans for each day. We cannot wait!

Thinking About — pastries. I very much reigned in my sweet tooth this month and truly, it’s going well. But, tomorrow, the kids and I are venturing to a new to us bakery and I cannot wait!

Looking Forward To — seeing my new niece again! She was born on the 13th … 10 pounds, 7 ounces of sweetness … and I’m just so excited to be an auntie again and watch my sister grow into motherhood.

Wearing — this sweatshirt. I may have three colors of it now. It sparks joy so I figure Marie would approve.

Loving — the art day we had today. It was my hope to be more artsy this school year and we started out well, but lately I’ve been lacking in my prep and inspiration. Enter Pinterest. I searched and searched last night and used this teacher’s project to inspire our drawing/watercolor today. I just adore how Jemma and Max’s pieces turned out! And mine too! I join in as often as I can :) We’re going to continue the mountain theme with this next. And, I signed Jem up for an online art class next week – here’s $20 to try your own Outschool class if you want

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