And Eli Makes Six!

For nine days now we’ve been a family of six. That’s just wild!

Eli has seamlessly fit into our family. He’s a real sweetheart and quite snuggly. He nurses, toots, naps, and, well, that’s about it. Such a baby :) Everyone keeps asking who he looks most like — Max or Reid. And really I think he looks all his own. He has very dark hair like Max did and his eyes are almost navy blue. At least for now. Mostly, he looks like a 3 month old seeing that he has already surpassed his birth weight, 11 1/2 pounds and going strong as of this evening! Bubs is going to give me a workout in the coming year!

I’m working on his birth story, typing it on my phone during our late night feeds. My sister arrived just in time to snap photos so those will get to be part of the story too. For now, family pics!










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