That Mama Gretchen’s Complete Pregnancy Supplement List

This might not be the most entertaining post, but hopefully it’s informative for you pregnant gals who are curious about my supplement line up.

I will confess that I really stink at taking vitamins regularly. To help with that, I keep them all on the kitchen counter so they’re in view at all times. This definitely helps. My second confession is that I absolutely hate large size pills. Like, I gag. Bad. And pregnancy is no time for self-inflicted gagging. So, all my favorites come in small pill form, dissolve in water, or are easily chewed. Pretty much, I’m a baby having a baby when it comes to getting vitamins and supplements down the hatch.

That Mama Gretchen’s Complete Pregnancy Supplement List

Depending on my blood work and specific pregnancy needs, I’ve take some/all of these during different phases of my pregnancies. So, take this as a conglomerate list, not an every single one, every single day list. For the most part I’ve left out doses too since that is unique to every mama. If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask! But, perhaps as your OB or midwife first since they’ll have a much better scope of you and your sweet baby.

Alright! Now, the supplement line up!

Vitafusion Prental Gummies — I know. I take gummy vitamins. So lame. But, cross my heart I’ve tried so many prenatal vitamins. Like, amazing whole food, expensive, and high quality prenatals and between the flavor and the size of those horse pills I gag like crazy. Hence, gummies.

Thorne Ferrasorb Iron — I have tried quite a few iron supplements throughout my pregnancies including Floradix, Gaia, and Hemaplex. They’ve ALL helped up my hematocrit, so I can truly recommend them all, but, when it comes to my top pick, Thorne wins based on  taste, ease, and cost. 

Calm Magnesium Powder — The raspberry lemon flavor is my favorite for sure! But why magnesium, you ask? Well, for one, it helps me sleep. Two, it helps keep leg cramping at bay. And three, it’s technically marketed as an anti-stress supplement and I can totally embrace that during pregnancy! I take 1-2 tablespoons dissolved in 1/4 cup of water every night before bed. It fizzes and tastes really good, a supplement I actually look forward to! Calm also comes in a +Calcium option if you’re keen on adding extra calcium into your line up. 

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules — I take these orally and vaginally towards the very end of pregnancy. The goal of evening primrose oil capsules is to help soften the cervix and prepare it for labor. I was most diligent taking this with Max and he was my swiftest, easiest labor. So, yeah, get your primrose down … and up. 

Serenity Essential Oil — I really struggle with sleep during pregnancy. Both falling asleep and staying asleep. Diffusing Serenity helps. I also apply it to my feet before rearranging my wedge of 4-6 pillows and crashing into bed.

Epsom Salt — I buy epsom salts by the case at Costco. A cup or two goes into every bath I take to help relieve aching and swelling. 

Papaya Enzyme — Chewable, decently tasty, AND natural heartburn relief!

Chlorophyll — This is a tragic supplement, but, sometimes necessary. You put a dose in a glass of orange juice and chug. You’ll never like orange juice again. Good news is, chlorophyll helps your body heal extremely fast and well. It also aids in increasing iron stores. So, definitely worth it during pregnancy and postpartum.

Fem-Dophilus — A probiotic especially for women. Another that I take both orally and vaginally. 

What supplements do you use and love throughout pregnancy? Fill me in! 

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  1. Charissa says

    When do you start taking chlorophyll and what does it do specifically?