Simple Cloth

I don’t recall when I decided that cloth diapers were my calling. All I know is that they are. I will be a cloth diapering mama and my baby will have the cutest bum in the world. Pictures of such will arrive in a few short months (only 6 left … how can it be?).

Simple Cloth is my cloth diaper haven.

Mom and I went for a visit/lesson in late February. The owner of Simple Cloth is an expert … I just wish I could remember her name (yikes, is pregnancy brain already here?). She has tried every type (and there are many) on her kiddos and knows her stuff. I walked away feeling like I owed her a charm on her bracelet of mothering mastery for all of the wisdom she passed on. I guess my registry there will have to do … so don’t worry Simple Cloth, I’ll help keep you in business :)
Last weekend I took Dominic, JanMom, and Katie there for a demonstration. You know, to make sure they had a handle on how to change my unborn’s explosions. Cloth diapers have come a very long way since 1986 when my mom had the prefolds, pins, and scratchy white diaper covers. We have decided on the Flip System (parent company is BumGenius).

Will it be a girl in Zinnia Pink or a boy in Moonbeam Blue?

Nope! It will be a surprise in Ribbit Green!!!

I can’t wait to get settled at our new place, arrange the nursery, and place these Ribbit colored diapers in a sweet basket while they wait for a bottom! My most favorite thing about Flips are the bright colors … Ribbit, Moonbeam, and Zinnia (NO PASTELS ALLOWED). BumGenius ust have made these with That Mama Gretchen in mind. And for that I offer up a hearty, “THANK YOU!”

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