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All my cleaning efforts around the house birthed a hefty load of random that needed to move out of our lives. So, the other week we had a garage sale! Thanks to Dominic’s stellar signs and my appealing Craigslist ad we had lots of visitors and many swift goodbyes to all the crap we’ve carted around for much too long.
In honor of everything that left our abode, I thought it was only fitting to give you a peek at a few of the things I’ve allowed to stay … my recent thrifting treasures!

2 Pretty Pyrex Bowls | I paid too much ($4 and $5!), but the white flower etching sucked me in
Balderdash | For a friend’s lake house
Books | Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Dominic and The Happiness Project and Water for Elephants for me
Clothes | An adorable button-up from The Loft for my mama, a striped GAP tee for Max and a T-Rex tee for Jemma which will make a super hand-me-down for Max too
 Wool Sweater | Which will be repurposed into wool longies for Max
Clothes | A Target tee for me, shorts and leggings for Jemma and a pair of kitty pjs
Fabric | Darling polka dot scraps
Dinosaur | Jemma’s garage sale pick … whom she named Bob :)
Paper tags | For gifts or something, because I couldn’t say no for 10 cents
Kitchen Gadgets | Which will actually be added to our play dough kit 
What have you thrifted recently? Any golden finds?
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    My husband and I are vintage lovers. He actually had a really successful ebay store selling Pyrex we find thrifting. My favorite find lately was a 1950's school desk and a 1960's Mad Men-esque beverage cart. My instagram has some pictures of my finds (@bohomamasoul). I'm actually opening a brick-and-mortar vintage store someday soon!