Building a Healthcare Community

Do you see one doctor, a few or perhaps an assortment of specialists? Would you consider yourself to have a healthcare community? 
It’s not something I really thought about before having a family, but since becoming a mom I’ve spent time thinking, researching and proactively working towards building such a community. I’m sharing about this process over at Natural Parents Network today. Here’s a glimpse:
Building a Healthcare Community - Natural Parents Network Growing up I had one doctor . . . my pediatrician. 
Technically I cycled through three different pediatricians thanks to insurance changes and such. Bottom line though, when my mama or I had a question in regard to my health, that’s who we saw – our trusty ped. They had the answers and we followed their recommendations. It seemed pretty simple and I planned to have the same expert advisor relationship set up for my children. I think that’s why the ever-important “pediatrician interview” while I was pregnant with my first seemed like such a big deal. I needed to prepare. I needed to find my expert. 
But now, as a mama of two, I’ve changed my game plan when it comes to healthcare. 

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