{GUEST POST} Confessions of An Elementary School Teacher

Leah is at it again. I pretty much stare at my inbox most of the day waiting for a fab email from her witty mind. It’s besties like her that make the rough days less rough and the good days more awesome. Today was no disappointment.
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It should be noted that this post is based on zero facts and absolutely no research.  It is a confessional.  MY CONFESSIONAL (and I’m not even Catholic) … so, do not assume that all teachers do/say the same things that I am sharing. Know that each teacher has their own dirty laundry though (I’m just hanging mine in public).  Enjoy.
  • I keep a backup pair of comfy shoes in my desk (aka: metallic gold boat shoes) to slip on just in case my heels start hurting my feet.  (9 times out of 10 I take the heels off within the first hour of school).
  • Sometimes, during a really great activity or assignment, I step back and think to myself, “Wow!  I am awesome!”
  • I rely on my class to get us where we need to be on time.  I figure there is no chance                  that 32 5th graders are going to let me teach through PE, lunch or recess.
  • When I make a mistake in front of the class, I act like I meant to do it.  I usually say something like, “Just checking to make sure you were paying attention.” Or “I was wondering when somebody was going to catch that!”
  • Being that I spend the majority of my day with 11 year olds, I find myself adopting their hobbies and passions. I now regularly play Angry Birds and have a secret obsession for One Direction. 
  • I often spend the first 15 (plus) minutes of my planning time sitting in front of my computer staring at the screen “checking my email” because it is the first time I have sat down all day and I am that tired.
  • When the students ask, “Who is your favorite?” and I say, “You are ALL my favorite!” (I am lying, obviously.)
  • Pranking other teachers is one of my favorite things to do.  (I’ve done this already this year and plan to do this to our principal).
  • Most of my good lessons come when I’m flying by the seat of my pants and then I can’t repeat them later.
  • Whenever the kids are not in the classroom I turn the lights off.  Somehow dark and quiet seem fabulous together.
  • I feel like parents who give me coffee cards really understand me.
  • I go to the office several times a day just to see if anything yummy has been put out in the staff room since my last visit.
  •  I love reading out loud to my class.  I secretly think I’m a great reader/story- teller and make them listen to me daily.  (I think they like it, too).
  • I cried almost every night my first year teaching.
  • I still cry over my students sometimes.
  • I have a secret hope of having one of my students end up on Oprah as an                                  adult because they grew up and turned out awesome.  In my mind I can                                      just hear them… “I don’t remember much about elementary school… but my 5th grade teacher was so smart and funny and she really believed in me and she is the main reason I am what I am today!”
– – – – –
Isn’t it kinda fun seeing inside the mind of a teacher? With the end of the school year in sight, maybe consider doing a little something fun to motivate the teachers in our life to stick it out these last few weeks. I hear some of them are very motivated by coffee cards, wink wink.
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